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Plunder & Pillage User updateV1.1

New features, 1.01B

Capibillity for Cooperative and DEATHMATCH Play.

New additions for levels 1-3 and a sepreate map called Town.

New and Fixed spawn points.

Predone map import, for those lazyer people.




"Lonely sector tag found in E1L3" - Fixed

"Spawn to you death in Level2" - Fixed

"One Side of the River is not swimmable" - Blocked off - Error in the build program refrains me from fixing.

"On the swimmable side of the river, there is one secter flowing backwards..." - Fixed

If any other glitch is found please contact me and NOT JESSE.



Town-Town\Level 3

Wall-Wall over looking the River

Wall-Wall over looking the Village



The map called "Town" is a branch off of Level 3. SO What is it you say. It's a tricked out DEATHMATCH version. With Explosive tipped bowes on roofs behind counter. Blunderbuses are all over. You can find it and Episode 2 and 3 in the Game Downloads section.



Town - In front of the "BANK" there is a fountian. It's O.K just jump in. If you swim down you find it's conected with the River!

Town - In the stone building next to the "BANK" there are two secret silent doors. One to the inside of a house and one to a back set of stairs that leads to the Defence WALL!


For a past interview with Jesse Petrilla Click-Here

A Game By Jesse Petrilla and MOD/UPDATE by Bobo Macklhamin using the
Build Engine by 3d Realms/Ken Silverman

MOD/UPDATE  By: Bobo Macklhamin

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