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Screenshot of Nightmare 3D Review:  Rating: 3.5
From the creator of Hugo's House of Horrors comes this 3D shooter. It's technical level is about the same as Wolfenstein 3D, but it DOES include some cool new stuff. The campy pseudo-horror motif is well done, and generally it's fun to play, albeit unpolished and clearly an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the then-new 3D shooter genre.
NITEMARE-3D, A House of Horrors v2.0 -
VGA 256 color 3D scrolling action game.
Continuing the theme of the original HUGO
games, this all new series features first
person perspective scrolling in 256 color
VGA.  Supports mouse, joystick and Sound
Blaster compatible sound cards.  Requires
386 or higher and 2 Meg extended memory.
Version 2.0 upgrades 3D characters, adds a
hit detector and fixes bugs in E1L5 & E3L8.

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