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3D-Pitfall    John Shramko,  1994
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Looking suspiciously similar to the classic DOS Tetris-esque game Blockout! (and nothing like the Atari classic "Pitfall" game ...) 3D-Pitfall is essentially a 3D Tetris game. As blocks (both in traditional Tetris shape and more complicated configurations) appear and fall down the playing field, you must manipulate them to complete entire layers. It's more challenging than it looks, and I'm not sure it's more fun than the traditional Tetris game, but this version is well made a deserves a try if you're a fan of this type of game.
[Download] Click here to download 3D-Pitfall (107k)
[Link] More info on 3D-Pitfall at

Acid Tetris    Dungeon Dwellers Design,  1998
Rating: 4 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Basically a Tetris game ... but a GREAT looking and sounding one. Very nice graphics and exceptional music. Beyond that, it's just Tetris. If you only download one Tetris game, however, this should be it. Very nice indeed. (Note that this game is now known as "Super ACiD Block Attack", probably due to legal concerns from using the "Tetris" name.)
[Download] Click here to download Acid Tetris (1,197k)
[Link] More info on Acid Tetris at

Beyond Columns    Brad P. Taylor,  1989
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
A fairly good rendition of the 'Columns' variant of Tetris. Instead of making lines, here you match up the colored blocks in sets of three in a row. Average graphics and sounds, but a good download if you enjoy this sort of game. (Note: You will most likely need MoSlo from our Essential Utilities section to make the game run at a reasonable speed.)
[Download] Click here to download Beyond Columns (23k)

Blockout    California Games,  1989
Rating: 4 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
If you're looking for a 3D version of Tetris, this is the one you want. It's easy to play, it looks good, there are a couple of different variants, and it's generally a lot of fun. Check out the screenshot!
[Download] Click here to download Blockout (103k)
[Link] More info on Blockout at

Blocks from Hell    Toren K. Smith,  1993
Rating: 3 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Blocks from Hell is a Tetris clone. It does what it sets out to do ... it clones Tetris. It looks fairly nice too, and plays well. It has all the standard Tetris options, and features psychadelic scrolling background stuff while you're playing. (That could be a good thing or a bad thing, I suppose.) Generally speaking its a good, no frills Tetris clone. (Be sure to read the humorous readme file, blocks.doc ^_^)
[Download] Click here to download Blocks from Hell (18k)
[Link] More info on Blocks from Hell at

DoubleLink    Paul R. Tupaczewski,  1991
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
If you've ever played Dr Mario on any Nintendo system, you'll find DoubleLink's gameplay to be quite similar. Pretty much exactly the same, actually. The object is to maneuver different colored falling "pills" and match up the colors to eliminate the same-colored germs. It plays fine, and looks acceptable, but really adds nothing new, so if you're looking for a Dr Mario type game this might fit the bill for you.
[Download] Click here to download DoubleLink (80k)

Dr Rudy    Kevin J North,  1996
Rating: 3 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
If you've ever played Nintendo's Dr Mario, you know what to expect. It's basically a variant of Tetris where you're trying to match up lines of four colored pieces in a row to clear 'em off the screen. Simple, elegent VGA graphics. (Note: Although the game allows you to change its speed, that feature doesn't seem to work correctly ... try using MoSlo from our Essential Utilities section if you want to slow it down.)
[Download] Click here to download Dr Rudy (61k)

Fretris    Grumpy Gnome Software,  2001
Rating: 3 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
If you're looking for a basic, no-nonsense Tetris game with passable graphics and very appropriate music, check out Fretris. It's a basic Tetris game with few frills, but it gets te job done. (Note: Use the arrow keys to move pieces and use the J or K keys to rotate blocks. If you thought the in-game music in Fretris sounded familiar, you must've played Castlevania IV for the Super NES, that's where the tune is from. Castlevania IV sure was a sweet game! ^_^)
[Download] Click here to download Fretris (307k)

Hangtetris    Hangvorgel,  2001
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Hangtetris is a Tetris variant that doesn't stray too far from the familiar Tetris mold. The main innovations here are more different block shapes that begin to drop at higher levels, and a much wider and taller playing field than usual. Other than that, not much new here, the graphics are passable but definitely not spectacular. There is also no "Next block" display which makes the game slightly more difficult.
[Download] Click here to download Hangtetris (87k)

Jagtris    Gunther Serrano,  1998
Rating: 4 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot unavailable ]
A simply amazing Tetris variant. If you are/were a fan of Tetris, you've gotta try this. The blocks are now 3x3 squares, of many different colors. You have to match up the colors to make groups. It's addictive, even more so than the original Tetris! It was even made by a Canadian group! :) (Note: I couldn't get a screenshot of this game, but it looks really good!)
[Download] Click here to download Jagtris (388k)

Kentris    Ken Silverman,  1991
Rating: 3 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Before coding the (in)famous Ken's Labyrinth game and later the Build engine used in Duke Nukem 3D, Ken Silverman coded several other games, one of them being Kentris. Basically it is a two-player competitive version of the classic Russian game. You can compete against the computer or another human opponent. It's a fun but simple variant of classic Tetris gameplay.
[Download] Click here to download Kentris (131k)
[Link] More info on Kentris at

NYet    David Howorth,  1988
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
If you want a basic, no-frills Tetris game, this is probably it. It's old, but it plays well ... just don't expect any fancy graphics or features. (It runs at a good speed without using a slowdown utility.)
[Download] Click here to download NYet (14k)
[Link] More info on NYet at

Quatris    Eugene Ignatius Kim,  1990
Rating: 3 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
A nice EGA Tetris clone, with a few simple variants. For one, there are a couple of different blocks. Another is that there are also bombs in the game, and each block has a number; if, when you clear a line, the total of all blocks in the line match the "Quatris Number" you get bonus points. Although it looks quite nice, the only annoying part about this game is that the PC speaker sounds can't be turned off. (They aren't too loud or annoying, though.)
[Download] Click here to download Quatris (69k)

Quatris II Gold    Eugene I. Kim / Citadel Softworx,  1989
Rating: 4 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Quatris II Gold is a Tetris clone, but it's a very well made one, apparently the sequel to the original Quatris (above). It includes many new falling block configurations, a plethora of options, and is presented in an attractive way. There are subtle touches everywhere which really add to the experience. The game itself is mostly the same as Tetris with some new block shapes, but there are some other things which can spice up the game like bombs and "banking" blocks for later. Overall a very well made game.
[Download] Click here to download Quatris II Gold (536k)

Rotaktix    Data Wave Software,  1993
Rating: 3 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Rotaktix is one of many in a long line of Tetris-insprired puzzle games. In Rotaktix the object is to match three or more colored blocks to clear them from the screen. Unlike Tetris (or Columns, which this game perhaps resembles more closely) here you drop an entire row of blocks at a time. Although it's well presented, the shareware version includes only two levels, so unfortunately it likely won't keep you entertained for very long.
[Download] Click here to download Rotaktix (124k)

Schmootris    Colin Gagnon Software,  1996
Rating: 3 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Schmootris is a weird Dr.Mario-style Tetris type of game. The object is to match the colors of the falling 2-part bricks. There are also falling politician heads (?) which can only be cleared by using special items. To move on to the next level, you have to match up ten pairs of ketchup bottles. I told you it's strange ... anyways, passable yet amaturish graphics detract a bit from the game, but overall its decent fun to play.
[Download] Click here to download Schmootris (72k)

Simpsons Tetris    Paer J,  2002
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Think you've seen every version of Tetris that exists? Well chances are you've never seen "Simpsons Tetris". Honestly, it's pretty much the same as normal Tetris, except for the fact that you are competing against the computer to get the highest score, and that there are some Simpsons graphics in the game. If you like Tetris (and The Simpsons, but who doesn't like The Simpsons?!) you might want to try this.
[Download] Click here to download Simpsons Tetris (25k)

Simpsons Tetris 2    Paer J,  2004
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
In the sequel to the original Tetris-like game with a Simpsons theme, here the object is to rescue Bart. You rescue him by clearing a certain number of lines as shown on the right side of the screen. Lines marked with a bomb must be cleared by completing 2 or more lines at once. Overall a fun variation with decent graphics but not much different than normal Tetris games.
[Download] Click here to download Simpsons Tetris 2 (21k)

Super Tetris    Roge'r Soft,  1992
Rating: 3 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
A mostly average VGA Tetris clone. The added feature of this one is that there is a large variety of different block shapes available (including as few as one block in each formation), or you can play using the normal shapes. (Note: You will probably need the MoSlo utility from the Essential Utilities page to make this game run at normal speed.)
[Download] Click here to download Super Tetris (54k)

Tetripz    Mute Fantasies,  1998
Rating: 4 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot unavailable ]
This would be a strictly average Tetris game, if not for the fact that it sports some truly amazing graphics! The game can be viewed through various distortions, some of which look REALLY cool! It's more of a novelty than a game you'd want to play over and over (it actually is rather distracting) but it's worth seeing nonetheless. (Note: You'll probably need a Pentium or higher computer to play this game at a reasonable speed.)
[Download] Click here to download Tetripz (105k)
[Link] More info on Tetripz at

Tetris Pro    Craig Rothwell, Craig'S'oftware,  1997
Rating: 3 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Tetris Pro is a nice looking Tetris clone with some additional options that may interest Tetris fans. It includes various modes, powerups, etc, and also slowly reveals a picture as you complete more lines. It generally looks nice and plays well, although I had some crashing difficulties when playing it using DOSBox. (Note: It's probably a good idea to turn off SFX on the main menu to disable the annoying explosion sound effect, especially when running this game in DOSBox.)
[Download] Click here to download Tetris Pro (237k)

Textris    Thomas G. Hanlin & Loren Blaney,  1988
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
The included documentation describes Textris as follows: "Textris is a cross between Tetris and Scrabble. The idea is to form words from falling letter tiles." That's a pretty good description of this game. Letter tiles drop, Tetris-style, into the playing field, and your goal is to spell as many words as possible. Longer words = more points. Decent graphics, and it does seem to work since it includes a decent dictionary of words.
[Download] Click here to download Textris (240k)

TextTris    Acumen Software,  1992
Rating: 4 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot Unavailable ]
TextTris is a twist on the traditional Tetris/Falling blocks game, in that the object is to try to spell words with the words. You score points depending on the length of the words and the letters that you're able to use. The graphics aren't great (of course, its a puzzle game ...) but the gameplay actually works quite well. (Note: If you have a fast computer you will need MoSlo to make the game run at a good speed on fast computers. Apparently my computer is still too fast even with MoSlo though ...)
[Download] Click here to download TextTris (270k)

Three    Sverx (T&Q Co. Ltd),  1997
Rating: 3 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
If you've ever played the Sega classic Columns (or one of the many knockoffs) you know what to expect from 'Three'. The name refers to the fact that straight pieces comprised of three different colors fall down a Tetris-like playing field. The object is to match up three or more of the same color to clear them from the playing field. The help file is unfortunately not in English, but luckily its not really necessary. (Controls: Player 1 - Arrow keys, Enter to drop. Player 2 - W,A,S,D keys, Spacebar to drop.)
[Download] Click here to download Three (397k)

Tubes    Software Creations,  1994
Rating: 3 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Tubes is an interesting combination of several falling block style games, most notably KLAX. Here your goal, as in KLAX, is to create lines of atoms. As the variously colored atoms stream through the various tubes (hence the name) you can store up several at a time, or drop them immediately into the beaker (playing field). Overall a decent version of the game, although presenting it in a new way, it adds little in the way of features.
[Download] Click here to download Tubes (545k)

Vertrix    The Clusters,  1997
Rating: 3 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot unavailable ]
Based on the classic Columns game (which is itself a varient of Tetris), Vertrix has you matching up falling 1x3 blocks to form matching sets of 3 colors. It's slightly different from Columns in that there are more ways to get matching lines (diagonals, boxes ...) and more colors. It looks nice, and has soundblaster sounds too. Couldn't seem to get a screenshot, but it looks pretty nice. Get it if you're a fan of Tetris games. (Who isn't? ^_^)
[Download] Click here to download Vertrix (2,815k)

Xixit    Optik Software Inc.,  1999
Rating: 3 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
A Columns clone that features nice, big graphics. It's very well made, and plays smoothly. The gamefield (dropzone?) is a bit small, but that doesn't detract from the game too much. Overall, it's fun if you're looking for a basic Columns type clone.
[Download] Click here to download Xixit (464k)
[Link] More info on Xixit at

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