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3-Demon    John D Price & PC Research Inc,  1983
Rating: 3 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
3-Demon is probably the strangest Pac-Man game you'll ever play. It is played in a first-person perspective, that is, in "3D". How does this work, you may be asking? Well it's kind of difficult to figure out where you're going, and where the ghosts are. Luckily there's sort of a radar at the bottom that tells you how close the ghosts are. Overall it's poor graphics and dated sounds don't detract much from the game, so it's probably unique enough to be worth checking out.
[Download] Click here to download 3-Demon (23k)
[Link] More info on 3-Demon at

Abmis the Lion    Button Software,  1996
Rating: 3 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Abmis the Lion is a rather strange sidescrolling/jumping game that stars ... um, a lion. Named Abmis. Who woulda thunk it? Ahem anyways. Yes, the levels here include some puzzle elements as well as action. The goal is to collect all of the potatoes on the level (what a lion wants with potatoes, I have no idea) and then make it to the exit. The game looks good, but the gameplay just has a slightly "weird" feel that's difficult to place. (Note: If you're stuck on the first level, watch the included demo by choosing option 4 at the main menu.)
[Download] Click here to download Abmis the Lion (52k)

Aldo's Adventure    David and Benjamin Ibach,  1987
Rating: 3 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Aldo bears a striking resemblence to Mario in this EGA ladder-climbing and jumping game that looks suspiciously similar to the original Donkey Kong game. Obvious similarities aside, this game does feature excellent play control, and the game holds up very well even though it's now over 15 years old! Like Donkey Kong each level fills one screen and does not scroll, although there are several different levels to explore.
[Download] Click here to download Aldo's Adventure (17k)

Aldo 3: Aldo's Assault    David and Benjamin Ibach,  1991
Rating: 3 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Part 3 of the Aldo series of games. All of the Aldo games play similarly to the classic Donkey Kong games from Nintendo. Aldo even looks strikingly similar to everyone's favorite video game plumber. There seems to be a slight problem with collision-detection on the first level, where Aldo sometimes will jump through a certain platform ... but other than that, this game seems to play just as well as the others in the series.
[Download] Click here to download Aldo 3: Aldo's Assault (27k)

Alleycat    Bill Williams,  1984
Rating: 3 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Even though this is an extremely old game (1984!) and even though it features archaic 4-color CGA graphics, it still can be fun to play. AlleyCat has you playing an ... uh, alleycat. The object is to jump around an alley (and also inside the appartment building) trying to collect as many mice and other objects as possible while avoiding baddies like dogs, sweeping brooms (?) etc. It's neat, and besides the fact that it's a true PC gaming classic, it's amazing how much gameplay is crammed into a 32k zipfile!
[Download] Click here to download Alleycat (32k)

Amazon Snake    Riku Jarvensivu,  1995
Rating: 3 stars  Public Domain  [ Screenshot ]
Somewhat a clone of the classic 'Nibbles' game, in this one you are a snake who must gobble up fruit; each time you do, your snake gets longer. (Not meant in any obscene way.) Anyways, the VGA graphics aren't too bad, but since there's no variation in the levels, this game could get boring quickly.
[Download] Click here to download Amazon Snake (42k)

Antarctic Adventure    Friends Software,  1995
Rating: 3 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Antarctic Adventure made appearances on many older video game systems, including the Colecovision, NES and MSX (among others) as well as arcades. This is a recompiled version of the MSX game that does not require a separate emulator to play. Therefore it plays exactly like the classic game. The object is to guide your penguin to its home, avoiding obstacles and collecting bonuses (flags and fish) along the way. Smooth but unimpressive graphics will remind you of the video games of yesteryear!
[Download] Click here to download Antarctic Adventure (29k)

Arcade Volleyball    Microforum Mfg Inc,  1988
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
An extremely old vollyball type game, where you control a big nosed guy and try to use your head to knock a vollyball over a net. Sounds weird? Yep. CGA graphics, and PC speaker sounds ... bleh! The computer opponent is tough, but it could be fun for brief peroids of time as a two player game.
[Download] Click here to download Arcade Volleyball (25k)
[Link] More info on Arcade Volleyball at

ARGH    David Howorth,  1989
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
As its name implies, I found this game quite frustrating at times ... however, if you enjoy 'slider' puzzles (where one block in a square is missing, and you slide blocks around in an attempt to make a picture) you'll probably enjoy this game. Plus, the zipfile is extremely small in size.
[Download] Click here to download ARGH (14k)

Bananoid    William Rieder,  1989
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
A fairly basic Arkanoid clone. One difference is that the playing field is bigger than one screen, so the screen scrolls as you move. It will also work on a slower computer, so if you still use a 386, you may want to try this one out.
[Download] Click here to download Bananoid (47k)
[Link] More info on Bananoid at

Banatron    Thomas G. Hanlin III,  1994
Rating: 2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Banatron is a simple 2 or 3 player "snake" type game. (Also similar to "Nibbles"; you can get that game from in the "Action" category. QBasic itself is part of the "Old DOS" package from Microsoft.) Err, anyways, back to Banatron. It's not really anything special, pretty basic gameplay, but if you want a simple multiplayer snake game (multiple players on the same computer) it may be worth trying out.
[Download] Click here to download Banatron (41k)

Bat & Ball    Andre van Wyk,  1994
Rating: 3 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
An Arkanoid clone with a twist: Here you must guard your "castle" from the bouncing ball instead of trying to destroy it. You battle against three other paddles who are trying to protect their own castles. The graphics and sound aren't that great, but this is an amazing game for its size: 12k!
[Download] Click here to download Bat & Ball (12k)

Beast    Dan Baker,  1984
Rating: 2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Beast is a simple ASCII-based game which doesn't have much of a story, but then it doesn't really need one. Your goal is to kill each of the "beasts" on each level (big letter "H"s). However, instead of weapons, you need to use the level itself to kill them, by trapping them between the pushable walls. Since it was made in 1984 it's graphics and sounds are extremely rudimentary, but its gameplay is fairly unique although it too is pretty simple. Not bad for a 19k file!
[Download] Click here to download Beast (8k)
[Link] More info on Beast at

Beyond Columns    Brad P. Taylor,  1989
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
A fairly good rendition of the 'Columns' variant of Tetris. Instead of making lines, here you match up the colored blocks in sets of three in a row. Average graphics and sounds, but a good download if you enjoy this sort of game. (Note: You will most likely need MoSlo from our Essential Utilities section to make the game run at a reasonable speed.)
[Download] Click here to download Beyond Columns (23k)

Black Orb, The    Anonymous,  1989
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
An obvious takeoff of the classic Gauntlet games, The Black Orb is a little known game from 1989 with basic EGA graphics and gameplay that closely mirrors the game its trying to emulate. It does include decent Gauntlet-like gameplay and includes a level editor to make your own levels, although I wouldn't think many people would enjoy doing so for very long.
[Download] Click here to download The Black Orb (49k)

Blockage    Ben Hanke,  2003
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
This simple Arkanoid clone has decent graphics and offers fast, no-frills gameplay. There are some lively graphics effects as well to keep things interesting. Pretty impressive considering the zip file is only 5k in size! (Note: This game does NOT seem to run well in DOSBox.)
[Download] Click here to download Blockage (5k)

Blocks from Hell    Toren K. Smith,  1993
Rating: 3 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Blocks from Hell is a Tetris clone. It does what it sets out to do ... it clones Tetris. It looks fairly nice too, and plays well. It has all the standard Tetris options, and features psychadelic scrolling background stuff while you're playing. (That could be a good thing or a bad thing, I suppose.) Generally speaking its a good, no frills Tetris clone. (Be sure to read the humorous readme file, blocks.doc ^_^)
[Download] Click here to download Blocks from Hell (18k)
[Link] More info on Blocks from Hell at

Bouncing Babies    Dave Baskin,  1984
Rating: 2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Bouncing Babies is something of a classic PC game. Not necessarily because it's fun to play, more just because it's old. It play similarly to the Nintendo LCD Game'n'Watch series of handheld games that were popular about 20 years ago. The object is to catch (bounce) the babies falling out of the burning building to lead them to safety. It certainly will test your eye hand coordination but the extremely simple gameplay and very dated graphics will probably get old quickly. (Note: You will probably need to use DOSBox or MoSlo to get this game running at normal speeds! Get both from the Essential Utilities page.)
[Download] Click here to download Bouncing Babies (22k)
[Link] More info on Bouncing Babies at

Breakout    Ken Silverman,  1991
Rating: 2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
A simple clone of the old Atari bouncing ball game "Breakout". There's some nice color cycling, the controls are decent, and you have more freedom of movement compared to the original. Not too much to say here though, other than this is one of the earlier creations of Ken Silverman, who later would create Ken's Labyrinth as well as the Build engine which was used for Duke Nukem 3D and other classic early 3D games. (Note: If you're interested in a fantastic modern Windows breakout/Arkanoid style game, I highly recommend BreakQuest! I've registered it, it's tons of fun!)
[Download] Click here to download Breakout (45k)

Captain Eric    PC Solutions,  1992
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Captain Eric is a vaguely Gauntlet-like game that involves avoiding or shooting enemies ("aliens"), collecting powerups, and finding the exit through various mazes. One nice touch is that the mazes are partially randomly generated. That is, each progressive level has a basic design, but the particular layout of each level is different each time you play. Despite the random element, the bland EGA graphics and questionable controls dampen the fun a bit.
[Download] Click here to download Captain Eric (16k)

Castle Adventure    Kevin Bales,  1985
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
This is a very old "graphic" adventure game. It must've been very impressive when it came out, since many adventure games back then were still text based. Anyways, the game is rather average, but it does include action and adventure elements, although there is very little plot. (Note: You'll probably need MoSlo to make this game run at a normal speed.)
[Download] Click here to download Castle Adventure (43k)

Caverns of Zoarre    Thomas Hanlin III,  1984
Rating: 2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Caverns of Zoarre could be called a graphical RPG, but just barely. The game, originally designed for the TRS-80, owes a lot of inspiration to one of the first graphical RPGS, Telengard. After creating a character you begin to explore the randomly-generated dungeon and encounter randomly-generated characters, most of which will kill you. An interesting example of a very early graphical PC RPG. (The game is free, although the title screen notes the author would send you printed instructions for the cost of $25!)
[Download] Click here to download Caverns of Zoarre (45k)
[Link] More info on Caverns of Zoarre at

Cube    Doug Cox,  1991
Rating: 2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
This is a computerized version of the classic "Rubik's Cube" puzzle game. As you might expect, it's a bit more difficult to play on a computer screen, since the game requires frequent rotation of the cube. Download this if you're looking for a real challenge and think the normal Rubik's Cube is "too easy"! :)
[Download] Click here to download Cube (3k)

Cyber Sphere    Clay Hellman,  1996

Rating: 3 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
One of many Arkanoid clones, this one is fairly average. It is a bit more challenging than most Arkanoid games, however, because the ball moves very quickly and since the blocks are close to the bottom of the screen, you have little time to react. VGA graphics and some nice SB effects.
[Download] Click here to download Cyber Sphere (45k)

David's Kong    Author Unknown,  1984
Rating: 2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
David's Kong is a classic knock-off of the even more classic game Donkey Kong. Here the basic object is the same, rescue the maiden in distress from the top of the screen while avoiding oil barrels and fireballs. Run and jump along the platforms to avoid them. Strangely the F1 key is used to jump. After rescuing the girl, the level changes a bit and you have to run back down. No author info is avialable; clearly its CGA four-color graphics and primitive PC speaker sound effects will be nostalgic for people who played this many years ago!
[Download] Click here to download David's Kong (27k)
[Link] More info on David's Kong at

Dedale    Unknown / Anonymous,  1986
Rating: 2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
The most simplistic maze game you're likely to find. The object is to guide your player to the exit of randomly generated mazes. That's it, no fancy powerups, enemies, etc. Just basic graphics and PC speaker sound effects. Nothing special or exiciting but it does work, the executable file is only 29k in size, and might be appropriate for young children. (Note: If anyone knows who made this game, please let me know!)
[Download] Click here to download Dedale (20k)
[Link] More info on Dedale at

Deep 2    ALO-Soft,  Unknown Year
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Deep II is a "falling down a pit" type game. The object is to maneuver around the obstances while collecting bonus items. There is a little strategy involved since you can use the money you collect to buy items occationally. Simple but colorful ASCII graphics and PC speaker "blips & bleeps" sound round out the game. Might be fun for those who enjoy text-mode games. (Note! Use DOSBox and/or MoSlo, available on the essential utilities page or this game will run too fast. Tip: At the DOSBox prompt type "cycles ###" (where ### is a number) to change the speed, smaller=slower. I use "cycles 120" to play the game on a reasonable speed on my PC.)
[Download] Click here to download Deep 2 (22k)

DIAMAZE    Herringbone Software,  1990
Rating: 3 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
DIAMAZE is a simple but sublimely relaxing game where the goal is to collect as many diamonds in a mine before your lamp runs out. There are no enemies, so you are racing only against the clock. The monochrome text based 'graphics' won't impress anyone, but the game could be fun to play in quick bursts since there is not much pressure involved, or for someone who does not have the reflexes to play fast-paced games. (Tiny file size too)
[Download] Click here to download DIAMAZE (38k)

Diggory    Jim Scarlett,  1990
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Diggory is a somewhat unique and innovative yet infuriating arcade game where the object is to collect mushrooms and smash into a gate in order to pass on to the next level. You have to also eat the eggs that form or harmful bugs will appear that can kill you. The game concept is interesting, but the high difficulty level (even in the first level) and the ugly graphics (or terribly old-school, whichever way you prefer to look at it) make this game a tough one to like!
[Download] Click here to download Diggory (7k)

Donkey    Bill Gates and Neil Konzen,  1981
Rating: 2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Donkey (originally DONKEY.BAS) was a game included the original IBM PC. Thus it is, in a sense, the original DOS game. It is not notable for its gameplay (pressing left or right) or graphics (terrible) but rather because it was co-developed by Bill Gates himself as an early test of the IBM PC's graphical capabilities. (The verison available for download here is a compiled executable version of the original DONKEY.BAS game.)
[Download] Click here to download Donkey (17k)

Dosmine    Dan Vancina  1993
Rating: 3 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot unavailable ]
Simply put, it's a DOS version of the Windows Minesweeper game. Here the game is played in text mode, unlike the popular Windows version, and there aren't many options to set. (Hint, press F1 while running the game to see the "Help" menu.)
[Download] Click here to download Dosmine (13k)

Duck Hunt    ALO-Software Inc,  1993
Rating: 2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
First I have to note that NO, this is not a clone or remake of the classic NES Zapper-based game with the annoying dog that laughs at you. Instead, it is a very simplistic ASCII-mode game, where a single "duck" flies across the screen and you must hit the spacebar to shoot it down. Other than its theme, it's not very much similar to the NES classic, but I'm always intrigued by ASCII mode games, and the presentation of the game is done fairly well. (You will need DOSBox and/or a VERY slow PC to play this at proper speed.)
[Download] Click here to download Duck Hunt (41k)

EGAWalls    Polik,  1989
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Breakout spawned several clones, the most well known of which is probably Arkanoid, which itself spawned many clones. EGAWalls is one of several of those clones. It does add two-player gameplay (one one keyboard) but otherwise it fairly faithfully recreates an Arkanoid-like experience, with various powerups and classic brick-busting action! Could be fun if you want to play with a friend or just want a basic-looking and playing Arkanoid game.
[Download] Click here to download EGAWalls (40k)
[Link] More info on EGAWalls at

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