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Sierra collections
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Adventure    Don Ekman (DOS port),  1990
Rating: 2 stars  Public Domain  [ Screenshot unnecessary ]
This is a bit before my time ... however, it's worth playing at least once, just to see one of the first text adventure games ever created. In it (full name "Colossal Cave") you must type in commands to move through various locations and solve puzzles. (This is a 350 points version of the game. For lots more info on this game, plus dozens of other versions of the game for DOS and many other platforms, visit Baf's Interactive Fiction Guide: Adventure!)
[Download] Click here to download Adventure (77k)
[Link] Adventure Hints

Adventure Fun-Pak    Apogee Software,  1988
Rating: 2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
One of two "paks" of games released by the famous Apogee Software VERY early in their company's storied history (the other pack being the Puzzle Fun-Pack), this collection contains 4 different games, of generally "okay" quality. Both packs were recently released by Apogee as freeware. The games contained in this collection are:
Rogue Runner: Similar but mostly inferior to the Kroz series of maze games.
Night Bomber: A Missile Command clone with ugly graphics ... didn't seem to work properly for me?
Raiders of the Forbidden Mine: It looks a lot like Pharoah's Tomb but plays quite differently/strangely.
The Thing: Blatant clone of "Hunt the Wumpus". How blatant? Well, theres a Wumpus in the game ...
[Download] Click here to download Adventure Fun-Pack (298k)
NOTE: includes both the Adventure and Puzzle "Fun-Pak"s!

Alone in the Dark    Interplay,  1992
Rating: 3 1/2 stars  DEMO!  [ Screenshot ]
Anyone who has played the Resident Evil or other modern "survival horror" games should really take a look at Alone in the Dark. It turns out, as many of you probably already know/remember, the basic mechanics used in Resident Evil were pioneered about ten years ago by Alone in the Dark. Its graphics, while hightech at the time of its release, look rather poor now, but remember, this was many years BEFORE 3D cards. Overall it's still a fun game to play, and the classic game that spawed the entire "survival horror" genre. (NOTES: This is the demo version of the full game! To start the game, run the file "". Press 'S' during the game to turn on sound effects. See below to a link to some instructions on how to play the game.)
[Download] Click here to download Alone in the Dark (715k)
[Link] Alone in the Dark Complete Walkthrough
[Link] More info on Alone on the Dark at

ANSiDude    Vectorscope Software,  1995
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
If you enjoy old-school ASCII games (that is, games that use default character-set "graphics") you'll probably find ANSiDude pretty cool. It's kind of like the classic Kroz series, except with more story elements and an inventory system. The graphics are decent (for a text mode game!). Overall the game is not extremely fun to play, but definitely worth a look for those interested in this type of game.
[Download] Click here to download ANSiDude (120k)

Beneath a Steel Sky    Revolution Software,  1994
Rating: 4 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Originally a commercially released adventure game, Beneath a Steel Sky (BASS) was deemed freeware by Revolution Software in 2003. Now you can download and play it for free using the SCUMMVM software. This is a Lucasarts-style adventure game which takes place in a gritty, futuristic setting. Although the graphics and sounds are well done, some of the puzzles are a bit uninspired. Nevertheless it's clearly a well-made game and worth playing for adventure game fans. Note: Although Beneath a Steel Sky is a DOS game it requires the SCUMMVM program to run it. Download SCUMMVM here and install it before downloading the BASS game. If you need help installing or setting up SCUMMVM see the SCUMMVM user manual.
[Download] Click here to download Beneath a Steel Sky FLOPPY DISK version (7,496k)
[Download] Click here to download Beneath a Steel Sky CD version (large download!) (67,752k)
(Remember you'll need SCUMMVM to play these games!)
[Link] More info on Beneath a Steel Sky at

Black Cauldron, The    Al Lowe (Sierra On-Line),  1987
Rating: 4 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Adventure game fans may remember this classic graphic adventure game, created by Al Lowe (of "Leisure Suit Larry" fame) and loosely based on the Disney movie of the same name. The gameplay is simplified a bit from most other famous Sierra releases. The game is controlled not controlled by typing commands, everything is done through the function keys (F1,F2,etc). Press F1 during the game for a list of these keys (or check the walkthrough guide below). Overall a simplistic but fun adventure game.
[Download] Click here to download Black Cauldron, The (289k)
[Link] Black Cauldron Cheat Codes
[Link] More info on Black Cauldron at

Black Orb, The    Carl Erikson,  1989
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
An obvious takeoff of the classic Gauntlet games, The Black Orb is a little known game from 1989 with basic EGA graphics and gameplay that closely mirrors the game its trying to emulate. It does include decent Gauntlet-like gameplay and includes a level editor to make your own levels, although I wouldn't think many people would enjoy doing so for very long.
[Download] Click here to download The Black Orb (49k)

Castle Adventure    Kevin Bales,  1985
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
This is a very old "graphic" adventure game. It must've been very impressive when it came out, since many adventure games back then were still text based. Anyways, the game is rather average, but it does include action and adventure elements, although there is very little plot. (Note: You'll probably need MoSlo to make this game run at a normal speed.)
[Download] Click here to download Castle Adventure (43k)

Castle Master    Domark,  1990
Rating: 4 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
An innovative adventure game, Castle Master has the distinction of being the first (?) 3D adventure. Of course, back in 1990 3D graphics weren't quite as advanced as today, so this game uses the 'Freescape Engine' to generate simple polygons (similar to what would later be seen in more advanced form in games like Alone in the Dark) for graphics. Although the game is obviously not as deep as conventional adventure games, it does have a certain undeniable charm and was (and still is in some ways) quite innovative. Mare sure to read the included CASTLE.TXT file for instructions and keyboard commands.
[Download] Click here to download Castle Master (511k)
[Link] More info on Castle Master at

Caves of Thor    Apogee Software,  1990
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Full version!  [ Screenshot ]
Caves of Thor is an extremely interesting and oddly playable ASCII game released early in Apogee's existance, shortly after the Kroz series of games. Programmed by Todd Replogle (who later went on to be lead programmer on all of the Duke Nukem games), Caves was Apogee's first game release that was coded by an outside author. The game itself is an extremely simple action/adventure game that is still playable and fun. This game was recently re-released by 3D Realms (formerly Apogee software) as freeware, so this is the full version of this game.
[Download] Click here to download Caves of Thor (156k)

The Dark Convergence    J. Kintz,  1993
Rating: 3 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
The Dark Convergence is an adventure game which follows the mold of other text-based graphical adventure games, and seems to be heavily influenced by Hugo's House of Horrors. This game is darker than Hugo, and includes some graphically violent scenes. The story involves crashing your car while traveling with your friends, and venturing out to find help, only to discover a very strange house. The author creates a decent atmosphere, however the text parser sometimes requires rather exact phrasing, and some of the puzzles aren't very intuitive. (Check the video walkthrough linked below if you get stuck.)
[Download] Click here to download The Dark Convergence (235k)
[Link] Need hints? Here's a video walkthrough on YouTube!

Dark Passages    E.Michael Pokropski,  1996
Rating: 3 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Similar to the classic game Gauntlet (one of my favs) this game features large dungeons that are explored from an overhead perspective. You choose from three different characters, then explore the dungeons, killing monsters and collecting treasure. The graphics are fairly good, and the sound isn't too annoying, even though it's played through the PC speaker. The only real problem with the game is that when the view scrolls, it doesn't scroll far enough ahead, so it's sometimes hard to see where you're going.
[Download] Click here to download Dark Passages (270k)

Dark Woods 2    Jocke the Beast,  2002
Rating: 3 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Dark Woods 2 is an interesting hybrid strategy/puzzle/adventure game. The objectives for each level vary, but the game involves a series of single-screen challenges. The game is done using ASCII "graphics" and there are no sound effects, yet the gameplay is strangely inviting. You can also make/play your own game maps (see the included file "mapmaker.txt" for instructions how to make your own maps).
[Download] Click here to download Dark Woods 2 (66k)

Dismal Passages    J. Kintz,  1994
Rating: 2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
A point and click adventure game, in the style of early Sierra point and click adventures. I didn't find this one very enjoyable, however, dispite its nice graphics. Most of the game seems to take place in a forest maze, where you sometimes run into monsters, that are fought in uninteresting battle scenes. It has an unprofessional feel to it. However, some adventure fans may enjoy it.
[Download] Click here to download Dismal Passages (420k)

Dungeons of Grimlor    RederWare (now "Tactical Neuronics"),  1993
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Dungeons of Grimlor is a mild action/adventure hybrid game where the object is to "Find the Evil Dragon Grimlor and retrieve the GEM of Souls!". This actually means fighting through many EGA dungeons and fighting some monsters. :) The game shows potential but in my testing the graphics were quite choppy and slow which made the game a bit tough to play. Still it seems like a reasonably large sized adventure game. (NOTE: The full version has been released as freeware; all three episodes are contained in one Windows-based installer. Both the original shareware DOS install and the recent Windows package are linked below.)
[Download] Click here to download Dungeons of Grimlor (Full Version - Windows Installer) (898k)

Dungeon Thief    Sente Systems, Inc,  1991
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Dungeon Thief is essentially a simple ASCII-based maze game. Only a small portion of the maze is revealed at a time, and you must avoid the various baddies and find your way to the exit while collecting treasure. There isn't too much more to the game than that really, but it's a low-stress exercise to be sure. There's also a lot of text contained within the menu, including the designer's philosophy on game design and other mildly boring tidbits. (Run the game in color by typing "DTDEMO COLOR" at the command prompt.)
[Download] Click here to download Dungeon Thief (72k)

Escape From The ASCII Trolls    Matthew Barnes,  2005
Rating: 3 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Ever wanted to play funky puzzle/adventure game with ASCII graphics where you must flee or otherwise use your wits and collected items to flee from trolls? Well, if so, this is the perfect game for you! While the controls and interface need some getting used to (read the included docs before playing) this game is fairly unique, includes both puzzle and adventure elements, and yeah I'm always a sucker for ASCII games. :) (The author notes if you run this from Windows to be sure to maximize the window.)
[Download] Click here to download Escape From The ASCII Trolls (21k)

Galactix    Richard L. Wright,  1988
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Public domain  [ Screenshot ]
Galactix (no relation to the space shooting game of the same name) is a sidescrolling adventure type game. It's described in the brief included documentation this way: "Your ultimate goal is to find (and carry to the spaceship) the 5 items that are required for the repair." To do so, you move around the ship (using the left and right Shift keys to move and Space to jump) as well as by collecting and using various items you find around the ship. It's a unique and difficult experience, especially since your time (aka strength) is continually ticking away. (It will run fast, you'll probably need to slow it down.)
[Download] Click here to download Galactix (21k)

Gemworld    William Cain,  1997
Rating: 3 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
It sorta looks and plays like the original Zelda for the NES. I say sorta because it's very simplistic in nature, and probably won't hold your interest for very long ... however, the zipfile is so small (22k!), it's probably worth downloading anyways.
[Download] Click here to download Gemworld (22k)

God of Thunder    Adept Software,  1994
Rating: 4 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
God of Thunder is an unusual adventure game that includes a lot of action elements as well. As the "God of Thunder", you must use your boomerang-like hammer to defeat enemies. (?!) It's a generally fun game to play, with slick video-game style graphics and sound effects, although it can get rather difficult at times. (Note: The full "registered" game has recently been released by Adept Software as freeware! Click below to download it.)
[Download] Click here to download God of Thunder (1,035k)
[Link] God of Thunder Cheat Codes
[Link] More info on God of Thunder at

Heavy Water Jogger    Viable Software Alternatives,  1992
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
This game is odd. The premise is that you have a limited amount of time (30 minutes) to reach the control room of the nuclear reactor. The gameplay is strange. It involves avoiding multiple pits of water, and occationally robot guards. You can jump (only while running) and pick up items (once in awhile, out of grates on the ground). It's unique, that's for sure, but I can't say I found it very entertaining. (Be sure to check JOGGER.DOC for full instructions including what various keys do ... as well as more weirdness.)
[Download] Click here to download Heavy Water Jogger (228k)
[Link] More info on Heavy Water Jogger at

Hugo's House of Horrors 1-3    Gray Design Associates,  1991
Rating: 4 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
These are fun! Done in the style of those classic Sierra adventures, these feature EGA graphics and annoying PC speaker effects (which, thankfully, can be easily turned off). They're all fun to play, though, especially if you enjoy graphic adventure games.
Click here to download:
[Download] Hugo's House of Horrors (208k)
[Download] Hugo's House of Horrors II: Whodunnit? (288k)
[Download] Hugo's House of Horrors III: Jungle of Doom (472k)
[Link] Hugo's House of Horrors (1-3) Walkthroughs
[Link] More info on the Hugo series at

Humbug    Graham Cluley,  1994
Rating: 4 stars  Public Domain  [ Screenshot ]
Humbug is one of the rare text adventure games you'll find on, and it's here because it is truly a classic of the text adventure genre. There are tons of locations to explore in this lengthy and well written adventure game.
[Download] Click here to download Humbug (165k)
[Link] Humbug Complete Walkthrough (Solution)

Indenture    Craig Pell (originally Atari),  1996
Rating: 3 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Remember "Adventure" for the Atari2600? If so Indenture will seem very familiar! :) The author programmed this game from scratch in order to recreate the original as closely as possible, so don't look for any graphics/sound imporvements. However he did add some additional modes with new screens/items/etc to play with. (Note: Press F1 after starting the game and read the help text! Starting the game is not done in a usual way!)
[Download] Click here to download Indenture (28k)

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis    LucasArts,  1996
Rating: 4 stars  DEMO!  [ Screenshot ]
This demo version of the interactive Indiana Jones adventure game gives you an idea what to expect in the full game (if you can find it, that is ...) Made by LucasArts, this game shares both the great LucasArts interface and great production values. The game involves Indy investigating the lost "City of Atlantis" (duh). Overall this demo looks and sounds quite impressive, and the well thought out interface makes it easy to get into. (I am not sure how long this demo is because I didn't complete it, so don't be too surprised/disappointed when it ends!)
[Download] Click here to download Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (657k)
[Link] More info on Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis at

Insanity    Wizard Games,  1990
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
According to the game, it is "a game to A-MAZE, astound and drive you completely insane". Um, right. Insanity is an ASCII-based (ie text-mode) maze game, where you must find your way through the maze while collecting items, avoiding enemies, picking up clues, and doing lots of other stuff. Its a weird little game but if you're into old DOS games this is a unique and interesting one to play. (Note that it will definitely need to be slowed down so use DOSBox or MoSlo available on the Essential Utilities page.)
[Download] Click here to download Insanity (58k)

In the Dead of Night    Trecision,  1995
Rating: 3 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
A first person detective adventure (that was apparently released by its developer Trecision for free) this game takes place in a chalet after a murder has occurred, and it's your job to solve it. The game takes place from a 1st-person perspective and features decent EGA graphics. The mouse-based control scheme is a bit cumbersome, and the translation from the game's original Italian language is sometimes also a bit clumsy (see the screenshot above) but overall the game seems pretty well made and will provide a suitable challenge adventure buffs.
[Download] Click here to download In the Dead of the Night (1,545k)
[Link] More info on In the Dead of the Night at

Kroz (Series)    Apogee Software,  1990
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Full version!  [ Screenshot ]
Ahh, memories! Even before the days of ZZT, I remember playing this ASCII gem. It's a decent action/adventure game, if you're willing to look past the dated graphics and sound. Recently Apogee Software (now called 3D Realms) has released all of the KROZ games as freeware! This single ZIP file includes: Kingdom of Kroz, Caverns of Kroz, Castle of Kroz, Dungeons of Kroz, Caverns of Kroz 2, Dungeons of Kroz 2, Hints for Kroz, Kingdom of Kroz 2, Shrine of Kroz, Super Kroz Trilogy, and the Lost Adventures of Kroz. Whew! It also even includes Pascal source code for several of the games! :) (Note: If you have a fairly fast computer, you'll need DOSBox or the DOS MoSlo slowdown program (from the Essential Utilities section) to make this game run at a reasonable speed.)
[Download] Click here to download The Entire Kroz Series! (3,984k)
[Link] Kroz Cheat Codes
[Link] More info on Kroz at

Last Half of Darkness    WRF Studios,  1991
Rating: 3 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
This graphical horror adventure game predates slightly more modern efforts like Phantasmagoria. The game consists of selecting actions (ex. TAKE, OPERATE, HIT, etc) and applying them to the graphic scene in front of you. You can move to various rooms in the haunted house that serves as a backdrop to this game and figure out the puzzles contained within. Apparently this game attracted a cult following when it was originally released. The game is definitely professionally put together, but somehow to me seems to be lacking a little where gameplay and plot are involved.
[Download] Click here to download Last Half of Darkness (320k)

Lunatix    Mike Snyder,  1999
Rating: 3 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Lunatix: The Insantiy Cycle is a classic IF (Interactive Fiction) game that also includes some graphics of some scenes. What that means is that it's a text adventure game with pictures. It was created for an online IF competition. If you enjoy text adventure games you'll probably want to give this game a try, otherwise you probably won't like it. (I don't often enjoy text adventures so I didn't make it very far in this game.)
[Download] Click here to download Lunatix (809k)

Lure of the Temptress    Revolution Games,  1995
Rating: 5 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
The first game ever published by Revolution Games, it was recently made available for free download for the first time! In this graphical adventure game you play the role of Diermot, who starts the game in a prison cell. The game has decent graphics and sound effects, and is generally quite fun to play. The only complaint about it is that is is rather short, but it is still quite enjoyable to play. (Note from the game's authors: "When the game first begins, move the cursor to the menu at the top of the screen and RESTART the game. This bypasses the copy protection system.")
[Download] Click here to download Lure of the Temptress (1,778k)
[Link] Lure of the Temptress Complete Walkthrough (Warning: Spoilers galore!)
[Link] More info on Lure of the Temptress at

Maddog Williams    Game Crafters,  1996
Rating: 4 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Reminiscent of earlier Sierra (On-Line) games, Maddog Williams employs the same style interface as the original Kings Quest and Space Quest games. (And, uh, Leisure Suit Larry ... ^_^) The story, which is explained in a lengthly cinema before the game starts, is pretty standard adventure game fare, but the game is quite well put together. It has some nicely drawn graphics (although they are a bit too dark) and good 'ol fashioned gameplay.
[Download] Click here to download Maddog Williams (2,323k)
[Link] Maddog Williams Walthrough (Hints)
[Link] More info on Maddog Williams at

Majik    Chris Busch,  1991
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Majik is an interesting ASCII-based text RPG game which is not a Roguelike. The levels are randomly generated, but the gameplay is significantly simplified. Playing as a wizard who seeks to "achieve greatness" by exploring some caverns, you'll face a multitude of text-character enemies and obstacles. A colorful and fairly unique ASCII adventure. (Note: You'll need a numberpad on your keyboard to play this game.)
[Download] Click here to download Majik (17k)

Monkey Island (The Secret Of)    LucasFilm Games (LucasArts),  1992
Rating: 4 1/2 stars  DEMO!  [ Screenshot ]
This demo version of the classic Secret of Monkey Island game (the first in the series) gives you a taste of why this series (and this game in particular) have become cult gaming classics. The excellent writing, memorable characters, exquisite art and of course numerous humorous situations really make this game stand out from other more mundane adventure games. Unfortunately it's only a demo but you can purchase the original or the updated HD remake at Steam.
[Download] Click here to download Monkey Island 1 (225k)
[Link] More info on The Secret of Monkey Island at

Mystic Towers    Apogee,  1994
Rating: 3 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
This often overlooked gem from Apogee is an isometric puzzle/action game that is hard to classify. Defeat enemies with magic, push blocks around, pickup items and find your way through the numerous rooms of the tower. Quite nice graphics and sound effects here, as usual for an Apogee game. The controls take awhile to get used to, however this game could appeal to both puzzle and action genre fans.
[Download] Click here to download Mystic Towers (1,049k)
[Link] Mystic Towers Cheat Codes
[Link] More info on Mystic Towers at

MythMaster: A Vagabond's Adventure    Carol L. Standley,  1991
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
MythMaster is an EGA Sierra-style graphical adventure game in the style of the King's Quest series of games. Here you play Anton, who is apparently on a quest to prove he's not a "bumbler" by typing in simple commands like "OPEN DOOR" or "EAT PIE". There are many locations to explore in this game, and although they look nice most appear to be only for show and there's not always a whole lot to do in the scenes. Also, even on "fast" walk speed your character seems to plod along far too slowly. Still, someone with patience and determination will likely enjoy exploring this world. (Note: See the included MM1GUIDE.TXT file for gameplay tips.)
[Download] Click here to download MythMaster (882k)

Niosa    Orphie Neathery,  1987
Rating: 3 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
According to the official website: "NIOSA® (pronounced "knee-oh-sa") is a four-night event that celebrates San Antonio's diverse cultural heritiage with 15 ethnic areas that serve fabulous foods in over 250 food booths and provides entertainment to over 85,000 revelers." This game (circa 1987) attempts to simulate the experience of attending this event. It's an odd mix, sort of a timed adventure game where the object is to locate your friend, experience the festival, and leave by midnight. Overall I didn't have great success in this game (see screenshot) but it's worth checking out just because of how unique it is.
[Download] Click here to download Niosa (88k)

Permanent Daylight    Intoxicated Little Bunny,  2001
Rating: 4 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
For those of you who enjoyed classic adventure games from Sierra like Space Quest, King's Quest and Leisure Suit Larry (for older gamers, of course, heheh) and Lucas games like Monkey Island, this is the game for you! It's a bit short (I finished it in roughly a half hour) but it has great graphics and an interface almost identical to that of the later Sierra point and click games. (This game was made using Adventure Game Studio which can be downloaded from
[Download] Click here to download Permanent Daylight (691k)
[Link] Permanent Daylight Walthrough (Hints)

Plague of the Moon    Gabe Macchia,  1994
Rating: 2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Plague of the Moon is a Lucasarts style adventure game. However, it does not approach the Lucasarts level of quality, even though it tries. The look of the game and the plot is quite macabre, so if you enjoy that type of thing you may like this game. In addition to the adventure elements you must also engage in combat. It is a unique game but not, in my opinion, a particularly fun one.
[Download] Click here to download Plague of the Moon (915k)

Quest: The Dungeon Escape    -MWD- Software,  1996
Rating: 4 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot unavailable ]
If you've ever tried Nethack (check the RPG page) and found it interesting, but just too complicated, you'll want to try this one. It's extremely simple to play, but it's interesting nonetheless because of the mazelike gameplay and graphics. Too bad I couldn't get a screenshot ... (I love the pseudo-darkness effects! Wish I had the source code for that.) It's worth the download!
[Download] Click here to download Quest: The Dungeon Escape (40k)

Quest 2: The Forest Trap    -MWD- Software,  1997
Rating: 4 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
The sequel to the Quest game above, this one looks even cooler. The gameplay is now more balanced, there's more stuff to do, and the graphics look even better! (The screenshot doesn't do it justice!) Quite incredible for just a 144k zipfile! Can't wait for part 3.
[Download] Click here to download Quest 2: The Forest Trap (144k)

Skullduggery    David Jewett,  1989
Rating: 3 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Skullduggery is a classic text adventure game which also include some basic ASCII graphics (essentially maps) of the various areas. The story involves smuggling, betrayal, murder, and an angry ghost. Sounds good to me! :) The parser is not the most sophisticated that you'll find in a text adventure game but the game is regarded as a classic and its primitive ASCII graphics give it a distinctive look.
[Download] Click here to download Skullduggery (61k)

Snarf    Everett Kaser,  1993
Rating: 4 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
I was a bit unsure of which category to put this in, but nevertheless ... it's a neat maze/shooting game where you run around looking for keys and treasure and try to get to the exit. You also must avoid/kill the 'snarfs' that are running around. Average graphics and sounds, but it's fun to play. It also comes with a simple editor to make your own levels. (Read snarf.doc ... it contains detailed instructions.)
[Download] Click here to download Snarf (77k)

Teen Agent    Metropolis Software,  1995
Rating: 4 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
This Lucasarts-inspired point-and-click adventure game was originally released in a for-sale "boxed" version but has apparently has now been made available by its author as freeware. The story involves an average teen guy becoming a ... uh, teen agent ... for a super-secret government agency in order to investigate a series of robberies. Much hilarity ensues. Good graphics and decent music make this a fun adventure to play. (See below for a walkthrough if you get stuck.)
[Download] Click here to download Teen Agent updated for Windows (9,191k) (Free registration at required)
[Download] Click here to download Teen Agent original DOS version (3,319k) (No reg req'd but harder to get working!)
[Link] Teen Agent Walkthrough (Hints)
[Link] More info on Teen Agent at

Troll's Tale    Sierra On-Line Inc,  1984
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Troll's Tale is a simplistic adventure game released by Sierra On-Line Inc, creators of such famous adventure games as King's Quest and Space Quest. Your quest is to find the 15 treasures which have been hidden by a troll. To progress in the game you choose one of several options at the bottom of the screen. (See the screenshot.) The graphics are CGA (what do you expect from a game made in 1984?) so they are rather poor by today's standards but the game will still likely be fun for young gamers since it is uncomplicated. (Thanks goes to creator Al Lowe for releasing this game for free.)
[Download] Click here to download Troll's Tale (83k)
[Link] More info on Troll's Tale at

Weird Island    Kevin A. Lee,  1992
Rating: 3 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
Weird Island is a first-person perspective adventure game. The plot involves inheriting an island (something tells me it's a WEIRD island) and so you go to check it out, and shenanigans ensue! It uses a point and click interface and has decent graphics. You'll encounter plenty of obscure puzzles and ... uh, weird stuff during your adventure. I'm tired of writing this description. If you like adventure games, just download it already will ya? :)
[Download] Click here to download Weird Island (391k)

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