SB16 Emulation

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SB16 Emulation

Post by kissinuk »

Up until Saturday I could happily play sound in old DOS games using the 'Creative SB16 Emulator' in Windows 98SE. However, since upgrading my motherboard & processor the sound no longer works. No game is able to access the SB16 emulator, not even the utilities that come with the SB card (Sbego.exe).

I have set IRQ 5 to reserved in the bios and the SB16 Emulator is using it (SB Live card is on IRQ 10). The SBEINIT program appears to start up fine on booting.

Any ideas??? If upgrading to XP will help then I may go that route...

My PC specs are now as follows:

Win98 SE
Athlon 2500+
MSI K7N2 Delta Motherboard
SB Live
Winfast 5900XT

SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6


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Post by Wally »

try using dosbox ;)

Instructions are sticked up the top of this forum

Post by caleb2003 »

i have excatly the same problem, need help too. i dont want dosbox.
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Post by Wally »

Have you tried updating the drivers to suit your new system? (requires registration its free of course)
will have the latest drivers for your cards there or any fixes..

please let me know if problem has been fixed
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Post by John The Ax »

Also, there's VDMS, which emulates soundblaster, but it's only for WinXP and 2000. I'd try to get it to work on 98se before upgrading, though. 98se is more dosgame-friendly than XP.
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Post by Interon »

Here's something that's worth a try:

Step 1: Delete your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files (Don't forget to back them up on a floppy disk or something else)
Step 2: Reboot
Step 3: When Windows 98 is finished loading, try the DOS games and see if the sound works. If the sound doesn't work, let us know.

Post by caleb2003 »

My System:
Mainboard: EPOX 8RDA3i (nForce2 Chipset)
Bios: Phoenix Award Bios v6.00PG (02/12/04)
CPU: AMD Athlon XP2400+
RAM: 512MB DRR 333
Video: ASUS GForce 5200FX 128MB
Sound: Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS

When i run the Dos Diagnostics Program "SBEGO", then
comes the following error message: IS SB EMULATION
ENABLED??? (and i have the SB Emulation enabled, i used
SBESET also and looked in the CTSYN.INI after, its Enabled
there!). My settings in my autoexec.bat (SET BLASTER
A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6 , CTSYN PATH,.... correct, SBINIT also
there), config.sys (with himem.sys, emm386.exe ...) and dosstart.bat are
correct, the SBINIT runs at startup too at PCI IRQ 10 (says
at end: Inizialation complete) . In Windows Hardware ->
SBLIVE with PCI IRQ 10 and Hardware Misc.: SB16
Emulation no errors there: Port:220, IRQ5, 8BitDMA1,
16BitDMA5,..., LPT Interrupt Sharing helps not. The other
Dos programs SBECFG and SBESET working. My Bios is
updated to the latest version (reserving IRQ5 in bios hasn't
help) and i tried every SBlive driver that i found. I had all
this problems with my Soundblaster PCI128 too. I have
tried to use another mainboard "ASROCK K7S8X (AmiBios)"
didnt work. On my older Computer AMD Athon 1 Ghz, 256
MB SDRAM, Win98SE both of this Soundcards works.

Help please

Post by straiton »

kissinuk, is it an NF2 mainboard?

had this problem recently trying to get US Navy fighters to work on an 8RDA+.Caleb,had all those same errors mentioned too

I think it is a problem apparently with the NForce2 motherboards(chipset i guess).

Post by wootletootle »

I have a similar problem to Kissinuk and Caleb2003 and have been trying
for ages to get sound working in DOS games: I have an SBLive! card and
the SB16 emulation software installed under DOS 6.22 (no Windows).

The drivers install OK, but like Caleb2003 sbego does not see the
SB16 emulation.

One suggested fix involves reserving the SB16 IRQ # as a legacy IRQ.
This is usually done in the BIOS. So in the case of the SB16 IRQ=5
the corresponding PCI interrupt should be reserved as a legacy IRQ in the BIOS.

Unfortunately I can't check out this theory because the Phoenix BIOS on my
Tyan S2466N MB does not give IRQ reservation as an option! For those
who can configure PCI interrupts as legacy ISA please try it out and see
if you get sound this way....

Post by wootletootle »

Followup: there is currently some discussion on this at ... adid=51452

Post by lOBO »

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SB Emulation on PCI Soundblaster

Post by ZZZZZ333 »
Note: To make the SB work under dos you must have "Plug & Play OS=Disabled" in BIOS!. If you don't you will get a "Could not configure PCI IRQ" or something similar.
Also it is not works on win98

How could be disabled that damned Plug & Play on newer Boards ????
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