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Point and Click Jewelry Mining Cart Game

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2022 2:54 pm
by MichaelM
I'm searching for a game.

- You have something like a mining cart, in which you collect diamonds, as they drop, from the blocks you break above you, which are like stones and jewelry and to break them, you have to only click with your mouse. You have different colors, I think, it was blocks in your cart and you place them in the correct spot above, to break them and get jewelry in the cart. The blocks above you have a timer, and they slowly keep getting "down" towards you at a slow pace and if they manage to hit your cart, you lose the game. You also have something in the right side of the screen, which collects the jewelry, and you can see your progress there. Once you collect enough, to make it full, you win the level.

It's a very old point and click game (mouse only)
I had it on my PC 14 years ago, but the HDD broke long time ago and I lost all data inside of it.

The game looks something familiar like the photos attacked. The mining cart looked kind of exactly like that. The second picture shows how the game looked like. Something like this, but with a mining cart instead.