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PC Game like Brick Ball but reversed

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2022 10:16 pm
by Luna Myth
Hi today. I'm searching for more of those old game that I can't found. It's like Brick and Ball but quite unique, the folder name I remember is Ballgen or Balgen? The game have the understanding like Brick Ball, but reversed. In this game, a Ufo will keep shoot balls up to certain amount and you need to hit every ball. The ball like grinded, destroyed when you hit with you pad that look like a disc? You have 3 disc stacked and each time a ball pass the bottom screen you lose 1. Miss 3 time will fail the game and you have to restart that level. The concept of level is like Stage 1-5, Stage 6-10, etc and each 5 section have different backgrounds (I remember there's only 3 background (a night sky or that was a space, underwater, and everything is metal)

Other than the Ufo, balls and your pad, there are another object. First is an obstacle object that cannot be destroyed. The ball hit it simply redirected to another direction. Second is a plate (or that other Ufo?) That when hit will change color and break when get hit multiple time (about 4 at max) and a multiplication matter (looks like a star with bronze color) that multiplying ball that passing it

It's so hard for me to search because it seems the folder name on my past father old PC are misleading like last time Supaplex folder named BOOM