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A Japanese JRPG where the heroes kind of looked like Street Fighter characters

Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2022 10:54 am
by MaktheRat
Hi all,
I'm trying to find out the name of an old DOS game that I played around 1993 or 1994.

The game was in Japanese (could've been Chinese or Korean, not 100% sure) and was a top-down perspective JRPG -- the kind where you move one space at a time like a Dragon Quest game.
Here's what I remember:
-The game was anime style and had a brief anime cutscene in its intro to show off its four heroes that would eventually be the game's full party
-I remember as a kid, we called it the "Street Fighter" RPG just because the heroes kind of looked like SF characters although they obviously weren't. Here's how I would describe them
-The first hero had brown hair and wore a green headband (we called him "Green-Ryu"). I think is on-screen sprite looked green and brown in colour.
-The second hero was a brown lion with a fiery mane. Basically picture a brown Blanka with orange/red/yellow hair (We of course called him "Blanka")
-The third hero was a skinny woman with blue hair. I think she was an elf or pixie type character (Didn't look like Chun-Li, but that's what we called her)
-The fourth hero was a large muscular man that looked like was made of stone. We called him "Sagat" because he really does look like him if he had rock skin.
-You start off the game playing as just the first hero and the others join as the story progresses
-While playing, the character portraits would be in the top-right of the screen in a 2x2 formation. Clicking on one of the portaits would make it "flip" over like a card to show some stats.
-The most common enemy encounter outside of the first town is scorpions (1, 2, or 3 at a time). And they're best thing to grind on for the entirety of the game because XP from enemies scales up as the story progresses.
-I think I vaguely remember typing "hero" in the dos prompt to run the game. I could be wrong.

Did lots of searching of old Japanese/Chinese games and just could never find this. Anybody know what this was called?