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[PC/Win98][REWARD] Prehistoric educational "Game Maker/Level Editor"

Posted: Fri May 06, 2022 6:52 pm
by cm0002
Platform: Likely Windows 98

Genre: Possibly some form of educational software/game hybrid to teach early coding skills in the 90's
Estimated year of release: 90's/very early 2000's at the latest

Graphics/art style: 2D, side scroller, sprite

The door was a wooden arch style door surrounded by grayish stone blocks, the doorway featured in Jetpack is sort of like it, but the one I'm thinking of used much bigger and defined blocks, big enough to surround the doorway with one layer of about 8-10 blocks maybe

I do believe the "Programming" interface was on the bottom with an asset picket on the right and the center was a level-editor grid/block layout to drag and drop in assets/blocks

The game provided a predefined set of "blocks" to use in the level editing screen. A caveman as the protagonist, enemies, platform blocks like stone, the "end level" goal which was the arch doorway.

The theme was caveman/prehistoric themed and he was the stereotypical caveman with club included.

Notable gameplay mechanics:

Had to construct a level, assign functions to the main character (such as up arrow key = jump, right arrow key means go right, space = attack etc.), Place enemies and the arch door had to be placed on the level as the goal otherwise you couldn't (at least not without a warning) Test/play the level

The functions were some form of early learn to code/It had basic subroutine coding/block style programming kinda like modern day Scratch. There may have been a scripting engine built in to expand to much more advanced functionality.

You had to assign actions/programming to the protagonist, enemies and any special blocks, it was something like "When RIGHT key Pressed, walk 3 blocks RIGHT then go 4 blocks UP then STOP" A completed statement used pictures iirc to represent actions like GO/STOP or arrow keys

Everything had to have these actions programmed, enemies had to have what to do when attacked, special blocks had to have an action written like give HP to player etc.

Other details: The objective of the game was to make the levels, always used the predefined assets that came with the game. AFAIK there was no way to import any other assets than what it shipped with, which was heavily caveman focused

Quest Creator is kind of similar, but what i'm thinking of was more caveman focused and a much more robust interface along the bottom and right sides. This was less of a game and more of way to teach basic programming skills. As far as I can remember, there was no "real" objective or gameplay beyond what you "programmed" in.

Everything was centered around making custom levels using "block programming", I do believe there were pre-built levels as examples, but nothing really beyond that. There may have also been a capability to load in exported levels from other people that you downloaded.

Other places i've posted like reddit i've offered $15, but I'm now bumping it to $30 since it didn't get much traction there.
So $30 to the first person who can get me the title to this (After I confirm that it is what I'm thinking of) via the payment method of your choice ie Zelle, PayPal, CashApp etc.

MODS: I hope this is okay, I didn't see anything about it in the rules, if you need some sort of proof I'll happily provide anything to solidify that this is legit and I intend to payout. I just really want this found :(

Jet Pack
Game Creator/Game Maker/Klik & Play/Click and Create/Game Editor (Really anything of that type, if it was a general game making program its not what I'm thinking of. You could not use anything beyond the predefined Caveman/Prehistoric themed assets.)
The Humans 1/2/3
Joe and Mac
Prehistorik 1/2
Anything that was an actual game with actual objective and no level editing capabilities, so AFAIK it was never released on any other platform other than Windows or maybe Mac because of that.

Thanks for any and all help! :)