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PC, Sims like, but characters are abstract shapes

Posted: Wed Jan 26, 2022 3:45 am
by a60
So, when i was a kid and i am 18 now, i used to play a game from pc that i just cant find :/
I remember that it was like the Sims but the caracthers were like square round (like Steve from Minecraft but with round vertex), and the skin of them was that the male caracthers were tottally light blue (just blue, didnt even had clothes i think) and the same for female but with the color light pink and they walk like "smooth jumps" or levitating between imaginary squares on the ground like pieces of a chess walk.
I do remember that we could cook Turkey, have Kids etc like a sims game
So this is all i remember about the game, so if u know the name of it pls lmk, cause i really likes this game when i was kid, and i want do play again