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[PC][Late 90's] 3D game similar to Montezuma's Return

Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2021 6:00 am
by Myrik
I remember spawning inside an ancient complex. The first room had a dark entrance. As you entered the entrance, a loading screen would appear with some masked tribesmen. You spawned inside a square dark tunnel. The next room had huge stone pillars. This room was filled with tribespeople standing on the stone pillars and on the ground beneath. If I remember correctly, some of the pillars had walkways between them. There were no other enemy present, like flying skulls or rats. The room felt like a puzzle.

The tribesmen looked similar to the one's in Montezuma's return.

I wonder if you could use a whip or something similar to ascend to greater heights.

Brought some nice drawings in the attachment below.