Horror (?) game from 2010-2014 [TOO NEW!]

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Horror (?) game from 2010-2014 [TOO NEW!]

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So there's this one scary game that my brother made me play in maybe 2010-2015 (i don't remember the exact year) i only played it once, and i've been trying to find it for years now, my brother doesn't remember it when i have described it to him.

Here's all i remember of the game:

-It's a pc game. (Could be on other platforms but i played it on pc)
-There were colorful and kinda trippy towns, if i remember correctly, there were also portals that teleported you in a new town.
-A man dressed in a black trench coat, black hat, balck pants and shoes was chasing you slowly, and you had to get away from him by finding a new portal thing (i think)

That's all i can remember and it's not much i know. But I really want to find this game. I don't think the game was really popular either. Thank you SO much if you tell me anything about this game. Sorry about the garmmar too. :lolcat:
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Please, help me find this game from 2010-2014

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