2D free browser MMO game about craft and trade

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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2D free browser MMO game about craft and trade

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I registered to ask some games that I have forgotten. I will start with this one first.

I remember playing it on 2010, but the game itself might be older.
It can be played via browser or downloadable client for desktop.
The site also provide a complete database in the game.
The gameplay is just queueing your action and wait.
Every action you do cost time and resources, even sending message / resource to other player. But there's global chat in there too.
The game has medieval setting, but focus on craft and trade.
There is battle, but only in dungeon or different player with different interface but still the same mechanic : queue action and wait.
The main interface is just a whole map and icon for each known location / quest.
The craft and trade varied from farming, hunting, harvesting, mining, logging, taioring, blacksmith, cooking, travelling, etc and factors aspect such as skill, tool, resource and environment. So you do better at tailoring in a town workshop instead of the wild.

That's all I remember. I don't expect the game to be still alive. It just it has been bugging me not able to remember. At least I want to know the name of the game.
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