"Kingdom" Text-Based Game

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"Kingdom" Text-Based Game

Post by DSG2k »

For a long while I'd occasionally search for this game, and I'd been holding on to the 5.25in floppy I knew it was on in the hopes that one day I'd come across an old working PC that had one.

But, in going through some old 3.5in disks, I found it.

This is a game wherein you are the king, the program offers advice as the sorcerer, and the purpose is to expand your kingdom's squares by trading servants, peasants, and captured barbarians (nomads). The kingdom is attacked once each decade with thousands of enemies, and the goal is survival and expansion.

The primary game file is marked kingdom.exe and is dated 1988 as found on the disk, with support file BRUN30.exe marked as 1987.

I have uploaded it in the hopes that someone else might be seeking it, and so I won't totally lose it again. :-)

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Post by Dogbreath »

What's the legality of this game? (i.e., is it shareware or freeware?)

Typically we don't allow links to warez and abandonware, but this game is so obscure I don't know anything about it.
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Old "Kingdom" Text-Based Game

Post by lithiumkclo »

I can't tell you how long I've been looking for this game. Many thanks.
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