topic vanishing

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topic vanishing

Post by shkibr »

Heya. I'm new here, so not very familiar with everything yet.

I'm just curious about a post I put in the Off-topic section a few hours ago. It seems to have vanished. :|
I did post it, and I did see it there listed in the Off-topic.
Within 20 minutes it was just gone.

Can anyone tell me what may have happened? The post below it was pulled up, and I just couldnt see my one anymore.

I didn't post it again, because I'm not sure what's going on.

Any information will be appreciated :)
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Larry Laffer
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Post by Larry Laffer »

Well probably one of the forum staff members thought it was inappropriate(spam, advertising, [reviving of old] useless threads) and removed it.

<strike>Eh, what post was that, anyway?
Yeah, consider it a "second chance" :P

Never mind that, I found it:
shkibr wrote:because i'm bored at work.
if anyone really gives a crap, give it a go.


Well that's hardly something relevant to the forum, you tell me what in that post is different from stand-alone spam?
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Re: topic vanishing

Post by dosraider »

shkibr wrote:Heya. I'm new here, so not very familiar with everything yet.
I've deleted it, or better said: moved to the forum's junk section, where it will be deleted soon.

If you can give me ONE good reason to put it back: let me know and it will reappear.

Oh yeah: Welcome to dosgames forum.

Take a glance @ the forum rules:
It's not so that we rigidly apply those, but keep it a bit reasonable.
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