Problem in running Prince of persia 4D

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Problem in running Prince of persia 4D

Post by Firsttimer »

I have successful downloaded & unzipped the POP 4D but all files are in wmp(windows media player) format except 4D_PRIN which is .exe & when i try to run, it either goes to the DOS prompt & immediately comes backs to windows or gives msg "pls enter prince of persia disk in drive C & press enter". I, of course, dont have any disk since i downloaded it from this site. I m having windows xp & i m not much of computer expert. Please help & advise in layman's terms that what should i do.

Thanx a lot.
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Post by GameMaster.EXE »

Download & Install DOSbox. Read the tutorial for operating instructions.

And make sure you are running POP4D.EXE from its default directory.

If you get a message like put a disk in drive c after level 10 get the patched kirill.dat
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