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CPT Worm
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V for Vendetta

Post by CPT Worm »

Who has seen this movie?
I liked it, although it was dripping with liberal and anarchist bullshit.

Your thoughts?
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Post by Cakephatt »

ANARCHIST bUllshIT? it s the government that is holding you down from being a pimp to being a forum pimp. if i lived in somalia, i would have a movie theater and we would play all sorts of fun vietnam movies.
it shouldnt have those scarieng maska :upset: :upset: :upset:
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Post by Check-Mate »

Haven't seen it, though I want to. It looks kind of interesting.
Isn't it based on a comic book character or something?
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<b>Token Black Guy</b>
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Post by Thunderdog »

It's based on a comic book of the same name by Alan Moore, also the writer of the best comic book ever, Watchmen
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Post by The_Sinister_Mastermind »

Wow Thunderdog after what you said to me on MSN the other day I was expecting a big rant from you on this topic, I feel somewhat disappointed now. :P
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Post by Dogbreath »

Saw it yesterday. Absolutely beautiful movie, amazing in every respect. Really, movies like this one come along only once in a few years... in fact, I can't really even think of anything I found wrong with it. Seemless production, IMO. (And great acting too... Natalie Portman... holy frikkin crap...)

I didn't mind the political bias of the movie at all. While it does seem very specifically anti-Blair/anti parliament in general, it *had* to be in order to show the future as accurately as possible. Obviously, they could do the same for say, a communist government (1984 already did), but the entire point of the movie was "this is what could happen to *our* (English) government if the people lose their freedom and love of their fellow man. Love and the desire for freedom are, IMO, the two most important and universal elements of society. Take that away, and you take away what makes us human.
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Post by GAMER »

Great movie. Agree almost entirely with Doggy, although i found one fault - the "love" between V and Portman. Annoying audience buyer in my opinion.

Loved the symbolism, cinematography...I think the movie would have made a better drama performance, like simplistic and stuff. Hmm yes.

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Post by CityMouse »

Wow, this makes me want to see it.

Seriously, though, I haven't actually seen it yet. I'll have to figure out whether it's still in theatres where I live.
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Gaming God
Gaming God
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Post by Moo »

This was an excellent movie. Definitely in my top 5 movies of all time. I work at a movie place so I know a good movie when I see one, and this is definitely one of them. I suggest anyone who hasn't seen it to go out and rent it right away. I'm going to get myself one of those masks for my wall,
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Gaming Demi-god
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Post by julie124 »

I odnt wnna see it, it looks boring :cuccoan:
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