Would love to fin Tank Wars ( I think that's waht it's calle

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.

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Anonymous wrote:
If Tank Wars is the one with all the weapons Nukes,CRIs, Sonic Blaster, Ball O' Dirt, Incinerator, Mark II Incinerator, and sheilds which are inertia dampener and Energy Sheild, and Herb and Vick's Guidance Systems.

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Mr. Stupid
Windless Wit
Lob and Shoot
Well I found that game for downloading here:
http://fdd5-25.narod.ru/games/bomb.rar :)
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zbp wrote:hmm, there is a tank game i played a long time ago,u had the chioce of 2 player or vs comp. it had a side view not over view like the scorched earth game. you where able to by gas and parachutes and nukes...all type of crazy things. and ur enemys where all dif kinds of colored tanks. to fire u had to type in angle and speed and there was wind factors.
-if any1 knows where its at post it plz id like to get it

I found it!!!!

Its called tank commander.

I found it at www.tanksoftware.com

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born in fire wrote:Na, your right it isn't. I was talkin to one of my friends the other day and the one I am thinkin about is Scorched Earth. Now I just have to find it.

Hope you do to. :thumbsup:

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Anonymous wrote:
born in fire wrote:Na, your right it isn't. I was talkin to one of my friends the other day and the one I am thinkin about is Scorched Earth. Now I just have to find it.

Hope you do to. :thumbsup:

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where can i get scorch

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im looking for a tank warz game called Scorched Earth but i cant find eney if eney one has one can i please get a copy

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Man, I know this post is way old, but if, by some dumb luck, someone can find me a download of the game mentioned in the post above, I would be a very happy person. I tried that link but it has gone by the wayside, probably from being a couple of years old!!!

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:devil: hey guys why cant i pull up tank wars (bomb) and play it. its telling me that theres no default application?

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:devil: i man cmon i downloaded 20 times on my new g4 power book and i cant play it. it probably uses 2 smidgebites of memory. i got this computer 3 days ago and stuff like this drives me up the wall. please help does anyone know macs. it wont let me play tank wars. it says i need a default application. what does that even mean . im at christophertitone@yahoo. please help.
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install one or all of the following

winrar, winzip, winace, 7-zip
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UltimateZip will be able to handle just about any compression format you throw at it.
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