Duke Nukem 3d Atomic Edition

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Duke Nukem 3d Atomic Edition

Post by J.C. »

Just found Duke Nukem 3d Atomic Edition at an old 2nd hand store, installed it and everything in DOSbox, but when I actually run the game it instantly leaves the game and says "Please put your Atomic Edition CD into the drive". HELP!
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Post by dosraider »

You don't need dosbox on Dos or W95 for that game.
Stupid answer? Yes of course.
But if you can't even state your sys specs or OS, why should we give you an usefull answer?
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Post by Frenkel »

Get Jonof's Duke3D port.
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Post by PJPsyco »

you need to make sure that you have your cdrom drive installed as a drive in dosbox

mount d d:\ -cdrom
where d is the letter of your cdrom
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