Searchin for Lurid Land...

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Searchin for Lurid Land...

Post by Papercut »

It's a puzzle game when you control a wizard (or 2 if you play co-op) trying to reach the other end of the level...
well I can't find and have been searchin for it long as hell! :P

so.. does some1 know where you can get it?

Post by Papercut »

anyone? please? :P
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Post by DaKrul »

I am looking for this game as well. I do have the demo version (and full version, which needs to be registered, however, this is no longer possible). Maybe I can send it to you by email? Also, I noticed you can still buy the game from ... &id=500070 if you live in Spain or know someone who lives in Spain... My full version somehow does not work on a WinXP computer, not even when you tick win95 for compatibiliy, so I think you'll need an older system (win98 or 95).
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Post by Wally »

Dakrul: I sadly will say that this post is like from Tue Nov 04, 2003

If you wish try to contact papercut but we have no record of him registering.

Lurid Land

Post by Milli »

Could anyone please give me an adress where I could download this game? Even if it's just the demo. I can't find it... Thanks!
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xp problems

Post by cazgotsaved »

as an aside, if it doesn't work, try changing the properties at which you run windows xp. I've had a few games that I've needed to change the way it runs to '95 or '98. See if that helps.
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