LF old platformer on win98 with a main char wearing lab coat

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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LF old platformer on win98 with a main char wearing lab coat

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I am looking for an old game that I played on a windows 98 system during 2000~20007. Here are some details that I could still recall:

-Year I played the game: 2000~2007
-System I played on: windows98. I don't recall using any emulators.
-Genre/mechanics: maybe adventure; platformer game with side view only.
-Game objective: The main character moves down on the map as he collects gold items, which are required for passing each level. The character cannot attack, and must avoid attacks from npcs, who have guns and shoot at the main character.
-Main character: wears a white coat, so I suspect a doctor or a scientist

Other detailss: At the title screen, there is a voice saying ''hi there'' or ''hi bear''. This is probably the most specific information I could provide...

I know this very vague...but I really want to find it and play it again. It reminds me of some goold childhood times. I have screened through hundreds of pages of old game archives on other websites and didn't find what I wanted.

Thanks ahead for anyone who could help!!!
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