Best Star Wars game?

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Best Star Wars game?

Post by nickherc »

I'm a huge Star Wars nerd, I watched all the films several times and I really love them. The original trilogy was special, magical. Prequels? Heh, they're okay, I guess. I liked the 3rd one, but that's about it.

And here I go... I never played any Star Wars game. Not one. I know they are a lot of them out there, so please suggest me one. I already know Jedi academy series is good, that much I know, but what about the others.
Sure, I could check google, but I would like to hear it from you, which one stood out?
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Post by tienkhoanguyen »

Well, I never played any either.

But I hear a lot of good things about EGATrek.
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Post by Quadko »


I didn't play many of them, there were so many.

But on my good list were the original Star Wars arcade game, Super Star Wars platformer, XWing vs. Tie Fighter, Jedi Knight & Dark Forces series, and the Battlefront series though I mostly played early versions of both series and not later.

Force Unleashed was fun but neither great nor terrible IMH(BA)O - mostly depends if you like the game style.

On my bad list is Rebel Assault (should have been good, but ouch!), Pod Racing, and I gave up on them after that.
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Post by MrFlibble »

My personal favourite is the original Star Wars: Dark Forces.
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