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Should members who dont post within 1 or 2 weeks of joining be deleted?

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lakerzz8 should stop posting where he is not needed
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why reg if not posting?????????

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I dont agree. If all they want to do on such a nice forum is read, they can just be guests. I see no reason at all to reg if not going to post. So, no, I can't really agree with you wardrich.
Way too much free time
Way too much free time
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If you join and dont have 1 post during your first month you get deleted. If you join and post withing the first month but dont post again for 3 months you get deleted. People who get deleted should be sent an email so they know their account is gone and why (remember people reformat computers alot these days and lose thier bookmarks), maybe they will rejoin.

This should only start being inforced after maybe 100-200 members join (by that time there should be alot of topics that need posted to).
Way too much free time
Way too much free time
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Why hasn't anyone fixed those posts?
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