I think there should be a picture submiting selector thingy

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Shoud there be a picture thingy? (read post)

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I think there should be a picture submiting selector thingy

Post by Bobo »

Well uh,

There should be (when your registering or changing you profile) a picture selector like the thingy you guys got, but be able to submit a picture no bigger then what the site admin wants and no smaller then he wants.

Cool no?

So then you can make your own .gifs or your custom pics!!!! :laugh:

Though the MOD or site Admin may be a bit busyer checking for abusive pictures. :o
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John The Ax
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Post by John The Ax »

This was already an issue. No. MZ doesn't have the bandwith to support such a thing, and it would take up too much space. It's not going to happen.
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Post by Da_Goat »

yeah, we all want one of these things (and if you think the admins or mods have are own custom ones, we don't. We just link from an off-site site :devil: ). But since this issue has been discussed already, I'm going to lock it. If any of the mods feel like they should unlock it, feel free.
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Post by Dogbreath »

Unlocked. I see very little point in hosting avatars here when you can just link to them offsite. If you've created your own custom avatar and want to have it here then:

1. Create your own website and host it.
2. Find some free pic upload website (google image gallery?) and ask them to host it.
3. Put it on a friends website.
4. Have a nervious breakdown.
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