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I sorta got kicked out of my house. So did my mom and my sister. So we're with our grandparents.

Should be moving soon, but I have Leader's Training Course (essentially two years compressed into four weeks) for Army ROTC in a few weeks, so I can't really get a job this summer.
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Way too much free time
Way too much free time
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starting semester2 of yr11
complaining about the VCE exams
bitching about changing subjects
complaining about physics
playing lead guitar in a punk band
composing random songs on guitar pro
trying to get $400 for an AC/DC box set
trying to get $800 for a marshall amp
playing random rock and meetal songs full blast

and thats about it
oh, and when i find the place, im gonna move out
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I'm returning home in a week, after almost one year away from home.
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