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The_Sinister_Mastermind wrote:Pffft piss off DB you didn't look up shit, I told you in the admin section. :P
Actually, because I'm an old fashioned geezer who likes to read the forum from top to bottom when I'm here, I actually saw the posts, guessed the author, looked up the IP, made a reply, and then found out that you had already done the same thing. :laugh:
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I didn't even read the posts. Lol. How many accounts does he have now...? Can we delete some? Lots of accounts is against the rules...right? Right guys??

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I only have 1 account. I am finished with lada and hulk hogan and have made up my mind and i am now permantly abyss and i never want to change the usernamer name again.
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And just so you know, if you do start posting under a second account again, I'll ban you so fast it'll make your moral compass spin. :laugh:
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awesome, lol you tell em TSM
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