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I've been a member of the "GPTR" programs in the past. The fact is that you won't earn much $$$ unless you refer other people, which is why ok4utonv is spamming the forum with his referral links (which I'll remove after this post). I was paid by several GPTR programs in the past but also screwed by several (one in which I had been paid a few hundred dollars in the past cancelled my account and my several hundred dollars in earnings because I didn't log into my account for 1 week so they determined me "inactive" and cancelled it :cry:). Anyways, there may be some money in these, but before you join anything be sure you read all the terms, and do some research on and elsewhere (ie Google the name and see what comes up). Not all are scams, there are several good ones, but don't rely on earning lots of $$$ ...
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That's fine. People are entitled to their own opinions. I'm not a spammer. I just thought people might be interested in making a little money on the side. The last thing I want to do is be a nuisance. You can remove my info. This will be the last time I respond to this.

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