Wanted: Commander Keen screenshots

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Wanted: Commander Keen screenshots

Post by GameGirl100 »

If anyone has Commander Keen screenshots to share, let me know. This isn't spam. I am making a webPAGE for CK : www.freewebs.com/klifespace . There is a CK page there.
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Post by Imp_Killer »

Take ur own by pressing print sceen in the game and paste in paint simple
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Post by The_Sinister_Mastermind »

He's not allowed to ask for help from others, why?
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Post by Frenkel »

Imp_Killer wrote:Take ur own by pressing print sceen in the game and paste in paint simple
That won't work. It has something to do with the width of the screen Commander Keen writes to and Windows being too stupid to understand that. So'll end with a bunch of lines in Paint if you simply press print screen.

You should use Screenthief or DosBox if you want to take screenshots of Commander Keen.
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Post by Wally »

Imp_Killer im with frenkel here..

but thanks for suggesting that.
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