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ic thats still warm... wow
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SpaceFans wrote:
julie124 wrote:OMG get over it, people laugh at my spelling all the time, boo whoo! :blah:
Will that was not funny what you guys do to me about my Spelling How do you like it if they start talking about all other member and yours Spelling then Will it made me mad about what you guys said about my Spelling :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:
Im not so much worried about your spelling, as it is close most of the time, but please, can you use periods and stop the random capitolization?

Capitols: Only used in names, places (locations), or at the beginning of a scentance.
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robhofen wrote:no warcraft is a rip off of age of empires and so are a lot of other games
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Larry Laffer wrote:Your people are n00bs :laugh:
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Well, this is going nowhere. Locked to stop the constant spam. (I only warned you guys about it 3 times)