Text Based Games

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Text Based Games

Post by Moo »

Hey everybody. It's been a while since I posted. Recently I started playing some online text based games. Kinda fun and waste your down time. Try http://www.konoblemen.net/ for Knights of Noblemen or http://www.mechg.com/ for Mech Crusaders. Both are fun games although I tend to sway from text based games.
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Post by Interon 2.0 »

Hi Moo!

Yeah somehow games using the IBM Extended ASCII character set is interesting.


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Post by Ro@m »

this first one is great!
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Post by Franz »

omg... i played that knights one... wtf... it was cool... even thought i didn't know what i was doing... ahaahahaaa... *runs*
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Post by emmzee »

Another good site for text/ASCII/ANSI games is:

http://www.classicgaming.com/ascii/ (aka www.text-mode.com)

Not as nicely designed as textmodegames.com but it has more games overall ...
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