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Dopefish wrote:If your bad at web design, just buy a book on it or something.
I don't think there are any websites in existance that use C++ to make pages. You really only need HTML and maybe some Javascript to spruce things up.

Just decide on what you want your website to be about. You can't just make some cheap Tripod page called "My w3b51t3!!!1" with no original content and expect to attract people to a message board.
you could try for help with web programming is a good source for a web based forum you dont need to download anything as it is already there on the web..
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ProBoards, a great place to get started for a first board.
Free and well done, but as the saying goes... You get what you pay for, and sadly, you paid for nothing...

I have a board there and there seems to be no limit on how many posts you can have, and sufficient admin access.

I will not give out my board name under this board's rules and to reduce spam, Thnx...
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