Earth Hour (Lights Off)

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Did you observe Earth Hour?

I did not even know this exsisted...
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Earth Hour (Lights Off)

Post by DOS Wolf »

Did any one else observe Earth Hour? Apparently from 8:30pm-9:30pm local time, (I actually did it until 10pm.) you shut off all lights and do not use any electricity. (Presumably meaning not to include what leaches into your power cords and not having to drag out your stove and refrigerator to unplug them as well...) I had never heard of this before.

Regardless Tzu Chi had sent me an email and I decided to follow it. I am not sure how many others had or the out come of it. I had read that the Eiffel Tower had shut off for only five minutes due to security concerns and others had observed the full hour, places in London, Taiwan, etc. Did any one else partake in this?
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Post by Rwolf »

It's a relatively recent fad, and it is more of a token than anything else.

Turning off lights won't have much effect here, as most consumer bulbs are low-energy nowadays anyway.

Turning off heating for an hour may give more immediate effect, but you have to replenish lost heat afterwards anyway, so with a thermostat it means more power will be used the next hour to compensate for recent heat loss.
Reducing thermostat settings permanently, wearing warmer clothes while the ice builds up indoors will not be too popular I think.
Equally popular would be sweating it out while the air conditioner is still.

It's one of these things not quite so easy to accomplish in a significant way on ones own.
You can get a warm/cold fuzzy feeling for awhile, depending on weather conditions, but
those who do it best are controlling things like the energy tax, which affects the wallet more.
DOS Wolf
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Post by DOS Wolf »

I agree, it seems more or less to make awareness of, not to seriously do something with in that one hour alone. I just used a battery operated lantern. (By the way, that Brooklyn Lantern on As Seen On TV is crap compared to how they describe it, but with most things shown on TV is anyway... Eggies... do not even get me started...) But the battery is stored electricity from previous energy consumption. I should of just used candles, however those are generally frowned upon and even not allowed in certain areas, yet you are still allowed to smoke... but I digress...

I remember the Carter administration was high on reducing energy consumption and he had the White House the same way. Sweaters in the winters and windows open and possible fans blowing in the summer. (Does an army of fans use less energy than a large or smaller few air-conditioners?) I actually would not mind living Amish, minus I do enjoy my internet, PBS and video games when I have the time. But maybe I could simply live off the grid and use solar power. However then I would have to be very religious to be Amish and that simply is not going to happen.

But Tzu Chi does a lot of recycling projects. 70 recycled soda/water bottles creates one warm blanket for a disaster relief victim. (Where I work alone that would mean at least one blanket a day...) Some volunteers even go so far as take plastic bags found, wash and clean them, let them sit to dry and even clip off any sticky tape or glue, markings, etc. before recycling them again. The recycling of plastic is one thing, going to such a great extreme however is another. But that is what Tzu Chi does to make a point and help the planet.

Regardless, I would of assumed going to bed would have had the same effect for the average person. I mean they sleep 6-8 hours and normally do not have any thing on but an alarm clock or charging a cell phone. So for all intensive purposes, every day is like Earth Hour. But as far as major places or historical sites enforcing it, as was the case with hotels, Eiffel Tower, clubs, etc. that would in fact impact. But then when do you enforce such a thing every day? Is the Eiffel Tower open 24hrs a day? Does it always need to be on? You could put a curfew on that. But places like Las Vegas where it can be just as lively at 3 O'clock in the morning as it is at noon would be harder, although no need for lights in my opinion if they use them during the day. But I also have heard they have solar power, but does that serve all their needs?
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Post by Quadko »

Once it starts getting enforced by the leaders of the "guys with the guns", I think we're well into the worst days of history, be it Soviet Russia or whatever. "No power or water for you!" Odd that it doesn't ever apply to the ruler's neighborhoods! "We would, but we're having important meetings and need the light, warmth, and whiskey."

But for the "would not mind living Amish," I've dreamt that dream at times, too, very cool. Or up in the mountains; lots of places to be off grid but near amenities in the Rockies. However, I'm more a "labor saving devices" than a "manual labor" kind of guy, though it'd probably be healthier. I know the movie is mocked, but I love the way Waterworld's "lone, self sufficient boat" idea is presented. Too bad it was all "oil evil bad" in message - as if we could have our cities without power, transportation, and food production advances. :)

Still, the politics and science behind things like Earth Hour don't seem to be solid to me and I don't trust the people saying "you (but not we) must learn to live with privation." It seems to be descended from Thomas Malthus' 1789 failed predictions "population growth is exponential, food supply growth is arithmetical." (Wiki link for article Malthusianism) It, and similar patterned panics, proved to be bad science and are observably bad history, but are still embraced by worldwide political movements under the "it's not bad yet but will get bad unexpectedly suddenly, we just know it," which sounds to me like all the "sure, your science works now, but what if it suddenly stops working" anti-science arguments through history, or even when religion goes bad and some leader takes advantage of his followers - "different rules for me and thee."

Anyway, it's not like Earth Hour or Earth Day are evil, they just don't accomplish much other than in-group identification and marketing for people with opposite politics and worldviews from mine, so I'm hesitant to add my name to their support. Taken to a lesser extreme, it's always good to remember to be wise about our resources. I certainly agree to that extent.

(My young school-age cousins are always all gung ho about these fads their teachers push on them - like the "We are the world" stuff from my school days. "Teacher said the earth will DIE if we don't do something right now - like turn off the overhead light and just use our IPads for an hour.")

I'm just not up for "we must live in the cold and dark so the Al Gores of the world can jetset to another always-on mansion. They are so cool and important, we are so unworthy." Or the "there is food and energy for people in need, but we think it's bad (GMOs, hydrocarbons) so it's better for them to suffer and die than for us to help them."
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Post by Wally »

I was going to reply yesterday but I got distracted by searching for PS3 Idle Wattage :laugh:

It's amusing how much some things use to decode things.. Just because something is "expensive" doesn't mean it's going to save you money in the long run.
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Post by Aldeb »

I don't give it any attention. I use a laptop and a TV that's almost never on. I never leave the lights where no one needs them. I pay an equivalent of 20$ on my power bill (I can post my power usage as well if anyone's interested). so I think I'm not wasteful enough to go on a guilt trip on how much power I waste, because I only use what I need, I think
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God, Jesus Christ, is number one!hehe

Post by tienkhoanguyen »

Jesus Christ!hehe

I decided to do my little part just about an hour ago. hehe

It is not much however I unplugged both my radio and computer.

Yes the plug was off the outlet.

It didn't even touch it hehe

Anyways they say you drain a little even when off if connected to outlet.

So I decided to unplug it in full.

So for the first time out of my own free will I turned off my only computer.


It is usually on 24 per day hehe

Electricity and usage I can tell you it is about a grand a month.

I am on welfare and renting out of my real mother's house.

She kinda took me back after kicking me out and I apologized.

Bless God then my real mom who is loving and kind enough to forgive!
My real mom is Huong Thi Vu!

My real dad is Nguyen Binh Thuy who tells me to hire professionals.
They do the trimmings better and lawn better while I developer programs#!!

My real dad is honour for his frugal wisdom.

My real mom is Huong Thi Vu like I said!!!!!

She is honour for her loving kind treatments to people!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to my real sister Nguyen Khoa Thi.
She is love for her example of a loving fun family atmosphere.

Love to my real sister Nguyen Khoa Thuyen.
She is love for her example of what a real kid at heart is like.

Thank you for your patience while I regrain my programming strengths.

Thank you Jesus.

Mary too hehe

No offense + hint hint
God, Jesus Christ, is number one!hehe
Jesus Christ!hehe
Bless Jesus Christ!
Then please bless my mom.
Honour to my mom Huong Thi Vu
Honour to my dad Thuy Binh Nguyen
Love to cousin Carl Anh Cuong Cao Vu
Thank you Jesus Christ.
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