Hey all you old forum user people

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Hey all you old forum user people

Post by Bobo »

I've been going over my website (bobo's dosgames), and my download link to my wolf3d stickmen mod is gone. :(

Does anyone have a copy of it somewherez?

I know it's been awhile. I know wardrich HAD it...
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Post by dosraider »

Look under your bed, probably between your ol'socks and dirty underwear......

Don't have it, sorry.
And Wardrich, better send him a PM or email, he isn't much active here lately.
wardrich wrote:The contrasts in personalities will deliver some SERIOUS lulz. I can't wait.
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Post by wardrich »

yeah, I've been working serious hours and I've been spending a lot of time in bars and stuff... but yeah. I don't have it anymore, I think I had it like 8 years ago. lol. Sorry :(
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