Introduce Yourself!

Anything else unrelated to gaming can go here.
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Post by Bobo »

I'm Bobo Macklhamin

location: cyberland

ocupation: High Grade html coding, nfs4 3D track editing, and I make to best Duke Nukem 3D maps on the web. Biggest map 12 mB
Webmaster- <a href="">Bobo's DOSGames</a>
^ Biggest Dos 3D Shooters site in the World! :)
Total Games = <b>201</b>
Over <b>100900</b> Downloads since 2004
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post by kenny »

Nickname: kenny
Real name: Kirill
Nationalty: russian but im from estonia whitch means i can talk in estonian
Age: 15 at the moment
Favorite Game: not sure yet
From: Estonia (one of countries from soviet union)
webmaster from hell

Post by webmaster from hell »

NAME: Jason
Occupation: Student, Freelance Webdesigner
Hobbies: Computer games, programming, web design, reading novels
Type of computer: Gateway
Aftermarket keyboard: HP with 15 Extended Keys
Favorite food: Fettucine with basil & olive oil
Favorite car I could never buy: Saleen S7
Favorite car: Datsun 300ZX
Favorite television comedy: Friends
Favorite tv comic: Tom & Jerry
Favorite soft drink: Root Beer
Hair Color: Brown
Age: 15
Weight: 110lbs
Beard: NO
Mustache: NO
Method of connecting to internet: Dial up
Type of desk light: Tensor
Brand of clock in my room: Verichron
Method of connecting devices: USB
Favorite Movies: The Patriot, Gladiator, Iron Will
Favorite IRC chat client: mIRC
Favorite websites:
Gamehippo forum-MEMBER "Shadow"
Dosgames forum-Member "Webmaster from hell"
Abandonware Ring Forum-Member "Hells Webmaster" edit: No abandonware. Probably and accident, but, you know, I can't let it. If this site even has some links, I can't allow it. Sorry.
VG Stores Forum Member "Hells Webmaster" Member #5

ill save some for another day...
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Post by Wezil »

Okay,I guess it is up to me to be on topic for once,so here it is.

Name: They call me the Weasel,and no I'm not a mafia member.
Connection Speed: 56K/dail up/waste of time and money
Favorite game:Wing Commander IV:The Price of Freedom(PC/PSX)
Favorite WebSites: , ,
Hobbies:Video gaming,playing video games,arcade gaming,gaming in general
Favorite quote: "Shhhh.....The Giant Bush is talking..." - Da_Goat
Least Favorite People: Webmaster from Hell/Shadow , Shruuf , George "Punk Ass Chump" Bush , Bill "Cigar Rapist" Clinton
"When you kill a man,you're a murderer;Kill many,you're a conquerer;Kill 'em all,and you're a god"
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Post by flush »

name: steven
age: 17
current place of residence: central new york (schenectady is the worst place ever)
moving to: alabama - then alberta, canada.
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Webmaster From Hell
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Post by Webmaster From Hell »

Hi. I am evil. Other than that, ye need know nothing. :D
Oh, and btw, I am not "the" eViL bOrIs from I just "borrowed" the cool name....hope nobody minds..... :) Looks like a cool site!
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Post by eViL bOrIs I »

He's changed his name to "cLoNe". It's fine now, imo.

May as well introduce meself while I'm here.

First name: Have yet to divulge despite numerous attempts to persuade me to do so.

Last name: Lock

Live in Lakewood, New Jersey. I like DDR. I like basketball, skating and games. Reviewer for . Insane by choice, eViL by nature. Almost friendless and I like it that way. Home-schooled, for reasons why see above. I like DDR alot. Chrono Cross is better than Chrono Trigger, and so is Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. I really like DDR alot.
And my soul from out that shadow shall be lifted, ah!, nevermore.
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Cross Cloud X
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Post by Cross Cloud X »

Sup all, I am new. Just wanted to say hi! Amro showed me this message board and it looks pretty cool! B)
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Post by alien »

ok back to introducing myself :laugh:

my name is Deana and i own extreme forums we only have a few dos games to download but i'm planning on getting a few more later we have a lot of other stuff for downloading such as mods, and palm games, ect...

great forum you got here looks like i'll be around for a long time :D B)
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Douglas Adams
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Post by Iris »

Hello everyone!

My names Julia, Im a student in England, and have just suddenly after talking to my dad on the phone, remembered all the old games I used to love, like captain comic, duke nukum, wolfenstein etc, and so have started looking for them!! And have found most already!
So hello, nice to meet everyone!

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Lover Of The Tiny Guybrush
Lover Of The Tiny Guybrush
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Post by Check-Mate »

Thunderdog wrote:We seem to actually be getting some posts out of these new members for once... I bid you Welcome. I am Count --- *slips on bat shit*
Ha ha!

Location:Canada, eh?
Background:Russian, da?
Fav. Game: Too many, but I like the Monkey Island series.
Fav. Movie:LOTR, AND Moulin Rouge~!!!
Fav. Celebrity:Julia stiles
Musical instrument:Violin, Clarinet and Trumpet
Age:13 1/2
Animals:2 dogs and a old-fart of a cat
Siblings:1 brother and one sis-in-law
kids:2 nephews
Fav.Word:Moop, eh?
Fav. things to do: Play my violin, do tours with my violin group, sing, dance, have a good time, party, flirt, chat on the computer, play games on the computer, read books, watch T.V., read magazines, SHOP!(I love shopping) and bum out.
ABout me: I have blonde hair that goes about 2 inches lower than my shoulders, I have blue-grey eyes, small oval glasses(hate them, want contacts) and, I'm about 5 foot. I'm skinny enough, but I think I have a big...oh, never mind. I love sports. lots of sports! Well, thats all I can think of about me, so, toodles. If you have any questions, or if you wanna chat, then Add me to know it. (click the stupid little button that says MSNM)
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Post by Michael80_oz »

I prolly should have posted here b4 anywhere else. But never mind...better late than never.

Name: Michael
Gender: Male (obviously)
Location: Australia
Age: you really wanna know?
Height: 6'1"
Siblings: 1 brother and 2 sisters
Shares the house with: Mum, older sister, 3 cats, 3 dogs, and a family of wild geckos
Fav music genre: Classical
Fav food: hmm...probably mums spinach and tofu pie (trust's nice)
Fav word: Relatively
Fav sim/fighter game: F117
Fav season: Autumn or winter... but I prefer the summer
Computer I use: Pentium 90mhz, 128mb ram, 2.1 gig hdd, Windows 98se
Likes: Thinking, having my un-asked questions answered, designing, surfing the net, absorbing relevant information etc.
Dislikes: Running out of things to say/write

Anything else ya wanna know? Just ask :)
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John The Ax
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Post by John The Ax »

I think we're all too lazy to do it all, but I'll do some.
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<b>Token Black Guy</b>
<b>Token Black Guy</b>
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Post by Thunderdog »

Just split the useless posts from here to a new topic, then delete it. (Such as dogbreath said)
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Post by John The Ax »

That's what I did. I just deleted 14 pages of spam from this topic. Try to keep it down next time, eh?
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Post by ashley_88 »

hi the names ashley but all of you lot can call me ash

gender:- male

age:- 15

not much else to say

my e-mail is
feel free to mail me sometime
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Gaming Demi-god
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Post by GAMER »

heh...hey sasha. You sound exactly like me... :huh: cept i don't play violin and don't come from canada. If you like monkey island you should check out You played the 2nd one?

<img src=" ... rs_Sig.jpg">

i have a chik magnet...observe!

<MARQUEE BEHAVIOR="slide"><font color="crimson">
[MAGNET]-------------------- :cuccoan: </marquee>
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Post by Coolgamer »

Greetings, my name is Joseph G., but you can call me Coolgamer. I'm from Harrisburg, PA, and i'm what you'd have to call a PC gamer. Other then four computers ( 2 Windows 98, one XP, and one Windows 95 that I use for my DOS games), I have an Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, two Game Boys, and a Game Boy Color. I expect to be buying a Playstation 2 shortly.

Favorite games? Max Panye, Zelda: A Link to the Past, any of the Gradius games (three is current fave, haven't played 4 yet), YDKJ, any Contra game, and Police Quest top the list.

I have a lovebird and a West Highland Terrior, and i'm 15.

Well, that's more then what you really needed to know, so i'll end this now.
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John The Ax
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Post by John The Ax »

Fellow PA'er! Shweet!
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Post by Da_Goat »

Uh-oh, we're going to have some competition.
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