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Album title:Backwoods Camp

Track 01: Baron Ashton of Hyde
Track 02: Informal logic
Track 03: Secondary metabolism
Track 04: Bret Baier
Track 05: Parapterois
Track 06: List of Scots
Track 07: Carlos Alberto da Silva Gonçalves Júnior
Track 08: RE Grave Railway Wood Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery( dosraider ;) )
Track 09: Margaret Rudkin
Track 10: Niederstocken

The start turned out quite funny...
BTW Cmaza,where you been?
Haven't seen you since,whem God knows how long...
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Grave Railway Wood Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery
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wardrich wrote:The contrasts in personalities will deliver some SERIOUS lulz. I can't wait.
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Band: Chimayó Cocktail
Album: Carlos Timón

1. Leps
2. Francophone literature
3. Dental restoration
4. NHJ
5. Red Delicious
6. Junkers Ju 390
7. Tenmoku
8. W&#281;gorzewo
9. Martin Kuhl
10. Manyoni

Bonus Digipak Songs
11. Any Number*
12. Petit & Fritsen*
13. South Charleston*
14. Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind*

* From the EP "Panagiotis Poulitsas"
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Cmaza wrote:Yes, odd indeed... Well, though I have no intentions of returning to GH any time soon, I suddenly felt inspired to come back here a few days ago, so... here I am! Not too sure why, but I felt like coming back. Meh... nice to see you again anyhow. :)
Fuck yeah, oldbies! *high-five*
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