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Meeting Internet People

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2007 10:43 am
by SpaceFans
I have. An ex-friend who lives in Boston came down to VA a couple of years back. He was just visiting, so my other ex-friend (rl) buddy and I hung with him.

I also met two other people (they're sister; the older sister is a year older than me, and her younger sister just recently graduated), who live in Ohio. They're into manga (a lot), anime, Japanese rock (especially), video games, and such, just like I am, and I've been talking to the two of them since about 2000. I finally met them last year when my cousin and I went up there for an anime convention. Even though the convention was okay, I just wanted to hang with them. It was fun, and we got to hang out at the bar. lol

Speaking of which, I really need to talk to those two, it's been a while. I still won't be able to go up for a visit again for next year with my family.

Oh, there's another person, if she counts. I met her at the convention, and I've been keeping in touch with her, and her friend, Lisa (she is a blast to hang with!), so that's sort of rl to online. lol

Anywho, overall, I'd never meet anyone online unless I'm attending some kind of a function (convention, concert, etc.) where there are a lot of people or I either have other people with me. I'd never meet anyone online by myself.

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2007 1:24 am
by AdamN
I meet most people from the Internet randomly in town while I'm half cut! :laugh: