And then Vivendi got bought out...

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And then Vivendi got bought out...

Post by SpaceFans »

This is old news but here you go.

By Activision.

See ... 120207.php
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Post by Gamer_V »

Activision doesn't 'exist' anymore. They're now called 'activision blizzard' because they merged with, *drums* blizzard. Ya know, the WoW chaps.
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Post by Larry Laffer »

Gamer_V wrote:Activision doesn't 'exist' anymore. They're now called 'activision blizzard' because they merged with, *drums* blizzard. Ya know, the WoW chaps.
No man, Blizzard did NOT merge with Activision, Activision merged with Vivendi Universal, and Blizzard will still be a division of this *thing*

And that puny activisionblizzard site of theirs. Bah! It's only aimed at the shareholders(why they would make a site for their share holders is beyond me). Just take a look at the user agreement that hovers the page when you first visit it, and the press release. This merger(yes, SpaceFans, merger, nobdy was "bought out") will most likely mean nothing(well, it could mean some higher game fees *coughcoughp2pcoughcough* but meh) for us gamers.
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Post by The_Sinister_Mastermind »

Honestly I'm really glad Vivendi are no more. One of the greatest games from recent years IMO is known by virtually no one due to VU's brilliant, or should I say non-existent, marketing.

If you're passing by a game store in the near future and you happen to see Evil Genius (It's been re-released at budget price point in the Sierra Gold Series) I strongly suggest you pick it up.
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