Oh Jacky boy, when will you learn

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Oh Jacky boy, when will you learn

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Clicky clicky...

I'd have posted this yesterday but I couldn't contain my own laughter long enough to coherently type much of anything. Now that I’ve had time to collect myself I’m actually somewhat worried.

What worries me about ol’ JT is that he's his own worst enemy and it seems this time his antics may really get him into serious trouble. This worries me because if he's no longer able to 'fight the good fight' someone with actual intelligence and common sense may step up to the plate and actually give gamers something to contend with.

The story pretty much sums up his fight against games thus far, misguided, absurd and just plain silly. Although in light of that, he’s got pretty good grounds to argue insanity to avoid the charges...
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The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha comes in mind.
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wardrich wrote:The contrasts in personalities will deliver some SERIOUS lulz. I can't wait.
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Guns don't kill people! Guitar Hero and gay porn delivered as subliminal messages in Grand Theft Auto 4 kill people!


But seriously, this guy's a by-the-book head case! Sigh!
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"Check my [case] filings, sweetie."

Epic lulz
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