A problem : Qbasic Memory [Sooner it will be solved]

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A problem : Qbasic Memory [Sooner it will be solved]

Post by NeonAmd64 »

Now, :) Qbasic 4.5 has gained more power to create huge programs.. :)

I am working on a Qbasic program to get rid of the Qbasic program memory limitation. So Qbasic programmers can run their huge Qbasic codes without worrying :) about the limitation :cry: .And also they don’t have to split the codes into parts … :)

I will release the first beta version of this program Sooner or later….

There are some advantages and disadvantages of this program:

Advantages :
1-Destroy the Qbasic code memory wall.[write huge Qbasic Programs]
2-Don't have delete any of your code or even split it.
Disadvantages :
1-Decreased speed a little bit.
2-Some commands are missing.

If there are other advantages or disadvantages. I will add it sooner or later.

Qbasic programmers. Are you happy now? :)
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