Qbasic4.5 Codes 04: 3D to 2D Conversion. [My year 2000 opin]

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Qbasic4.5 Codes 04: 3D to 2D Conversion. [My year 2000 opin]

Post by NeonAmd64 »

Fact: All 3D worlds are based on division: without it the 3D worlds will be no longer exist. B)

Description: The code will convert 3D basic parameters into a 2D basic position.

Caution: :no:
The code will acquire you to specify the perspective [angle] of the lens.[Default Value is 220 or 1024]
This will only convert 3D into 2D without drawing anything.

Here is the code:
This will make the arrays and the variables that are required:

Code: Select all

DIM SHARED Xrotate!, Yrotate!, Zrotate!
DIM SHARED Perspective%
DIM SHARED X.scene%, Y.scene%, Z.scene%
DIM SHARED ScreenOffX!, ScreenOffY!
This is the code:

Code: Select all

SUB D3D.D2D (X3D!, Y3D!, Z3D!)
X2D! = (((X3D! + X.scene%) * perspective%) / (Z3D! + Z.scene%))+ ScreenOffX!
Y2D! = (((Y3D! + Y.scene%) * perspective%) / (Z3D! + Z.scene%))+ ScreenOffY!

Finished...... :)

It was a very long journey. hehehe :laugh:

So If explanation is needed then please standup :laugh: .. Nooo.. I am joking.. just ask me. :)

Like to see some example then goto:
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