How to be a motivated Person [My Opinion]

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How to be a motivated Person [My Opinion]

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Not any one can have motivation at any point in his/her life :cry: . It is restricted to number of people who had energetic power in themselves. And if you don’t have a motivation in any part of your whole life then you are a boring man/women/boy/girl. Getting uninterested things from the world around you, isn’t it?. And not only that but also you would become a hope less person :cry: . Thinking that motivation is difficult to get. This is only my view of an unmotivated person.

On the other side, Motivation is not something difficult to be obtained. If you would like to be motivated about what are you doing or about the world activities around you, do the following:

1.Try to understand the purpose of what you are doing positively and in the positive side.
2.Try to predict the result instead of leaving the results come to you.[unless it is an easy work]
3.Put your eyes on your goal all time. [Remained yourself]
4.Make things value and important.
5.Trust in your self on doing things. [Even if your work is collapsed]
6.Give respect to all things all time. [Not only people but things]
7.Ugly or small things are useful when they combine their powers to achieve their goal.
8.Power in the group and the group in power. [So stick to a group]
9.Give yourself and others hope and motivation instead of hopeless and unmotivated words.
10.Balance your expression between good and bad.
11.Don’t get too much excited but little excitement will be good.
12.Prove your power to your self and people.
13.Be patient.[Work require time]

Without those things you will be in hell. And if you Stick to one of these you will be happy in your life. That is what I am doing. :)

And Only god can save us. if we can't proceed more in life.

Remeber: Motivation is required in programming. B)
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