Exe Applications

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Exe Applications

Post by TylerDuval »

What are some of the game creation applications that can export the project file into an .EXE file .. thanks you all in advance !
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Post by wardrich »

you can do it in VB, but VB isnt just for games. It isn't cheap either (but then again there are always P2P programs :devil: )
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Post by Amro »

VB can only compile VB programs. And you have to know the language. Quite easy for simple applications, but I strongly recommend C++ for games.
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Post by Jeff »

i would recoment C++ for dos and flash for windows.
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Post by Wally »

RPGmaker has these features
but i am not sure if you have to register before it works

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Post by 486 player »

From source code to, a compiler.
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Way too much free time
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Post by Cmaza »

Personally, I prefer to use Turbo PASCAL, but anyhow..

Buy RPG maker!!!!!!!

Post by C-dude »

RPG maker is SO awesome! I am in the process of making an RPG masterpeice, and when I say masterpeice, I mean, MASTERPEICE!!! I'm not telling you guys what it's called or what it's about 'cause someone will steal my idea! Bottom line: anyone who wants to make a game, but Isn't in the game designing business, BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!
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