text based DOS game

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text based DOS game

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How does one go about making a text based DOS game? I recently played Amnesia, for those who know what game that is. It's a text based DOS game which is pretty fun, but I was wondering how I would be able to make one since I like writing and the game resembles a book.
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Post by Quadko »

There are a few tools out there. I haven't used any of them, but the one I've particularly heard good things about is TADS if you are comfortable with a scripting style tool.
tads.org wrote:Create Your Own Interactive Fiction
TADS is a free authoring system for writing your own Interactive Fiction. It offers a complete set of programming tools for creating high-quality IF.
I think there are also simple no-scripting tools out there as well. Other tools that come up in google lists: Twine, Inform, Quest, Adrift. They appear to trade off simplicity vs. power, depending on what you want, from no programming/scripting over to scripting "required".
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Post by dosraider »

Take a look @

From basic (.... simple) to more sophisticated ones.
From ASCII to text and even some enhanced graphical ones.
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My personal recommendation is to ditch the scripting languages and just learn a programming language.

I would recommend that you start with C++. It's fairly easy to make a basic text game that you can run in the DOS (or Command) Prompt.
Plus, it's portable to almost everything and there are lots of libraries you can use to build visual games (if you ever want to branch out).

I took a computer science class back in high school....almost 10 years ago, and I built a small horror-type text-based game. It's pretty easy to get started.

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#include <iostream>

int main&#40;int argc, char* argv&#91;&#93;&#41; 
std&#58;&#58;cout << "I love DOS games!\n";
return 0;
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