help with lesiure suit larry 2

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Cold Coffee

help with lesiure suit larry 2

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Hi all, i have a problem with leisure suit larry 2. After I've got my lottery ticket from the store and proceed to the tv station, look at the girl, talk to her, but i cant seem to give her the ticket no manner how many times i've tried.

also, mine is the click and move version so is there just one version where u use the mouse because leisure suit larry 1 i had to type the commands which are much more EASIER than using the mouse. Also, there are no inventory lists in the game. is this normal or what?

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Larry Laffer
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You don't give her the ticket... I'm not sure but i think you have to lie to her. when she sais that the winning numers are U have 2 write them down and then repeat them to her... Or at least you had 2 do this in LSL 2 the typing version
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