Hugos House of Horrors

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there is a key under the mat

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fa434 wrote:I did that, how can I pass through the mummy?
You have to hide behind the big rock its a tricky move but all it takes is skill

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Hugos_cheer_grl wrote:I put some oil on it. After I put the oil on it, I tried to open it,
But it said it was bolted shut. What do I do now?
I'm kinda slow when it comes to stuff like this.
Thanks for you help.
just type open trapdoor or use bolt if other verion of game right click on bolt xXx :)
I tried forever at this too you have to type the phrase "undo bolt" then press enter, then put open trap door

Re: the dog

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jeyl wrote:From where can I get the meat, to give to the dog?
You have to put on the mask that you find upstairs in a closet to the bedroom, when you get the mask simply type "put on mask" go downstairs to the dining room when the dinner party is talk to the butler he'll give you the meat but u have to put the hask on 1st so they don't know you are human


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So I have been playing Hugo 2 and I am back inside the house and I have done everything that I know of and I'm just waiting for the police man to show up... but he hasn't! I have no idea what to do. I looked up walkthroughs to see if I had one everything and I have. This is very frustrating.
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