Problem with cheats

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Problem with cheats

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I desperately need some help,
ok i can play all the keens without help except for a level in keen five and one in keen 4 and i only use the cheats if i am stuck, and i also had the problem with the screen and unfortunately when i go to enter the cheat activation code (Alt+2+enter) it doesn't work only does the screen thing which you get from pressing alt+enter plz help I'm really stuck! :huh: :cry: :upset:


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plz read the above text and plz try your best to answer :cry: i need help!
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It's A + ....

Or depending your keyboard language Q + ......
Debug Mode: Pressing A 2 Enter all at once will activate Debug Mode. The following cheats then become available:
F10 C Show number of active/inactive objects in the level
F10 D Record a demo
F10 E End the current level
F10 G God mode
F10 I Get some free items
F10 J Jump cheat
F10 M Display memory usage
F10 N No clipping (walk through walls mode; its easy to die if you go somewhere you're not supposed to)
F10 S Slow motion
F10 T Sprite test
F10 W Warp to any level
F10 Y Reveal hidden areas
F10 Y View hidden areas in the level.
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If it still fails, your keyboard cant support that particular 3 key combo. Go buy a decent keyboard :P
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please don't resurrect old threads.
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