descent 2

Post problems with getting games installed and running properly here.
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descent 2

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helloo. i cant get descent 2 to work. ive tried dosbox but it lags to so much of an extent that it crashes my computer. and on winxp the graphics are.... well like watching tv with the most terrible recpetion
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Descent Games on XP

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Thanks for reading, in advance.

I loved these games, years ago. I would to
have my son play them. Our systems are all
on Windows XP.

I have downloaded the Descent and Descent 2
and have attempted to set them up.

Right from the get-go, I hear the sound hiccup-
ing, even though the right sound card is chosen.

Past that, when the game is entered and loaded,
it's as if the ship is shaking, while you play and
right from the start, making virtually unplayable.

Do you have any suggestions for me? I really
would like these to work.

Thanks, again.


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