Error Creating Configuration File

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Error Creating Configuration File

Post by Dregs »

Hi i'm having trouble installing The Incredible Machine 2 in Windows XP, when ever i try to do the installation it says "Error Creating Configuration File". I then thought that i would need to make an Easy Start Disk (whatever that is) but it then comes up with an error "Can't Find EMM386.EXE Unable to make easy start disk"

Can anyone help me ??? Please i really wanna play this game :cry: , it's a classic!!
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Post by davidj123256 »

are u using dosbox??
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Post by The_Sinister_Mastermind »

First of all where did you download it from? as that particular download may be corrupted. Secondly if you have trouble installing old games on XP a possible solution is to install them via DOSBox.
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