+ need Urgent HELP.... Please.....

Post problems with getting games installed and running properly here.
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+ need Urgent HELP.... Please.....

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I'm having trouble trying to start Romance of the Three Kingdoms II. It's a primitive game with primitive graphics (probably from 1991) but it has one of the best gameplays.

anyway, to the point, I need HELP.....
It's based on DOS and i have trouble running it on WinME. I copied the files from DOS prompt just as i used to 10 years ago but this time, it wouldn't start. it sends a "illegal operation" message and the details says something about a "general protection error". I've tried everything suggested by Windows troubleshooting but so far nothing has worked.

The program ran a few times but the game hangs after a while. most of the time, it wouldn't run at all. Please help me..... thanks!

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if it has some thing like XXXXXXXxXXXXXX then use moslo and theres another program called turbo i think.
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You may need to use a boot disk. Some games just won't work in Windows.

But first I would try -
1/ Make a shortcut to the game's .exe file by right-clicking it and selecting "Create shortcut".
2/ Right-click the shortcut and select properties.
3/ Experiment with the settings on the Memory tab. Start by setting the Conventional settings the maximum allowed rather than "Auto". Then try fiddling with the XMS and then the DPMI settings. When you find none of this helps it would be best to just delete this shortcut. With Windows 95 and 98 you would have had the further option of running the game in full DOS mode. Strangely this option was removed for Windows ME, which was a shame since it runs on DOS... :(

I suspect the game actually needs EMS if it's really that old. In which case you need a proper memory manager installed. Windows ME can cope with this but it would be better to use a boot disk and configure a proper DOS environment.
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